Delta Labs Giveaway!

1548173_10100181324446992_723321918_oDelta Labs Giveaway!  I personally first used  The Postnatal from Delta Labs after I had my last baby Bailey.  This helped me to stay working and produce milk even while I wasn’t doing all the normal things to make sure I kept up my supply – like proper eating and hydrating. I did try, but sometimes it just didn’t happen.  I was able to naturally increase the production!  The best part – it also was a fat burner to help me lost some of the weight while I had not yet been released to workout!  It was a peace of mind to help me really get more production without having to stress about what I ate and when, what I drank and when, and what I was doing. I know I should have taken more time for myself, but it seemed no matter what I did my production was not as good as the previous two children.  I was able to have an easier time with this extra added boost!

YOU have the chance to win a sample! 5 people will win! What you need to do is go like Delta Labs on Instagram and then tag me as you comment on one of their images – and they have some great ones right now! @deltalabsusa and @missmollydr - that is it! You can also like their Facebook or Twitter!


** I am an ambassador for this company because I love them so much!

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Taking the Perfect Holiday

Taking time out from daily life to recharge your batteries is one of life’s essentials. You need to do it occasionally, because it’s not only great for your health and your stress levels, but it’s also a way to make unforgettable memories, see the world in a new light and maybe even meet new friends. Of course, things don’t always go smoothly. Sometimes that dream holiday becomes the ultimate nightmare. However, a little searching online and planning ahead can turn even bargain holidays into the experience of a lifetime.

Destination: Pleasure

One of the most important factors to consider when planning your dream holiday is the destination. Think about what you want to experience and what you enjoy, then choose a destination that offers you it. Do you want museums, culture and a bustling night life? Then a city destination like New York, London or Barcelona is going to make you much happier than going on an African safari or a beach resort. Also consider the things you don’t like: If you’d like a beach getaway but can’t stand crowds of tourists, you’ll be as miserable as sin if you make for a popular beach resort such as Cancun. Do a little research about where to go, when to go and what to expect and you’ll increase your chances of having a great time.

Are you talking to me?

Often it’s not so much the destination that makes for a perfect holiday than it is the people you’re with and the people you meet. Choose your travel partner carefully. After all, you don’t want to travel through India with someone who hates spicy food or being sweaty and won’t hesitate telling you this every five minutes. Many people find that it’s easier to travel on their own but if this sounds too lonely for you, travel with someone whose temperament complements yours.

It’s also the people at your destination who can make or break your trip. Here it’s important to remember that the way people treat you depends largely on how you treat them. Be friendly and respectful, and to try and learn at least a little bit of the local language. You’ll also be amazed at how showing some interest in the daily lives of the people you meet will open doors to new experiences.

Savoring the little things

Often a holiday is made perfect by that which you can’t plan or control. You just need to learn how to embrace the unexpected and to appreciate the little things. Be adventurous with your sense and open your mind to what’s around you: Take a moment to look at those magical fireflies; savor the taste of that freshly picked mango; breathe in the smell of spices at the market.


Being willing to try new things, accumulate new experiences, and get along with strangers is what travel is all about. Do this and the memories will stay with you long after the photographs have faded.

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