And Go!

Today was a better day. It started off much better than some I have had over the last couple weeks. Those rough times were some things that were out of my control and some were completely from my own doing. I don’t like that feeling cause it is now something that I cannot change, but have to deal with. Its hard to deal with something that you know you shouldn’t have done, but didn’t see it the exact same way when it happened. I am thankful for second chances that come with changes to never repeat the past.

And go! I move forward with memories, but not constantly looking back over my shoulder. We can only be better by not forgetting, but not dwelling, and always learning.

I got up this morning and made the bed so I wouldn’t get back in it. I made myself coffee and drank it while I made my husband’s from he Keurig he bought me for Christmas. I know it was something I wanted, but I think he likes it as well.

The kids got up one by one, all before they actually needed to be up. This is impressive, but I am hoping that doesn’t mean we will have catastrophic meltdowns later. Bailey was in great humor all morning and played so well I was able to get a jump start on my work so I could finish earlier than normal and enjoy some time writing. I like blogging for myself and I like blogging for clients – but when I can’t even get creative with my own words, it is impossible to do it for others. True story.

I was able to pop in a DVD and workout for the first time in a while. This is due to my own sheer laziness of not wanting to get out of bed. At. All. Seriously. I picked Brazil Butt Lift. I have laughed and laughed at the idea of this workout for so long. I didn’t ever do it because I knew I would feel silly. Once it started I couldn’t help but laugh. The instructor is too much. The kids enjoyed watching me, and I stopped laughing shortly after it started because I knew that while he sounded silly, it was no joke. My thighs burn. Getting my shake this afternoon when I stopped working – ouch. Stairs will not be my friend tomorrow either I am sure of it.

She is still napping now and I am able to get in some writing, but soon I will need to be outside to enjoy some vitamin D and get my kids off the bus. I like to be out there before the bus even comes down our road. Silly, I know. I just like to be there so it isn’t a last minute thing of “oh crap the kids are home!” type of thing.  I think Bailey likes to get out and play with me before the big kids get home too. She usually gets about 45 minutes to play alone and with the dog. That is until he runs away exploring like he always does. This leads to me having a heart attack cause I can’t find him and he won’t come home until I have called him no less than 31 times. Dang dog.

4:30 brings homework time and then dinner making time. I try to get these things all wrapped up by 6:15 so that they can get a shower and about 30 minutes of reading in before getting to bed between 7:00 and 7:30. Seems early, but they have to get up early for the bus and I hate horrible mornings. I do. So I suck up the weekdays that my kids go to bed early so that they are fully rested. I get my time on the weekend when they are running around like animals being crazy.

This weekend is Valentine’s Day as you all know – and I got them each little bags of stuff. Nothing major since I have been making $100 from my husband stretch like crazy. I got them a few odds and ends from the Dollar General. I am sure half of it will be forgotten and left around to be thrown away and stepped on. I just know that they will be happy the day that they actually get it though and it is all that matters.

I have some things I want to do for the husband. I didn’t spend much but I think that I what I do have for him will mean something more than a store bought whatever he doesn’t really want anyways.  Plus getting to spend time with him is well worth every bit of everything.

What are you planning to do this weekend?

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Miss Molly

List #1

List #1 in the new place. I know you have been waiting for one of my lists – it has been a while!

I made a video! Have you check it out yet?

Finally feeling somewhat settled. Not completely, but we are getting there!

I got the internet somewhat figured out. Whatever happened to unlimited?

No schedule set in stone for me. Still need to figure out how to get house chores, workouts, and Bailey taken care of 100% while I get all my work done as well. My work gets done – I feel like the others are neglected and I don’t like that feeling.

I am thinking of setting up a bi-weekly coffee date/play date with other military families around me – we will see how it goes!

I hope Nick gets his schedule from work soon, so I can maybe plan for taking a couple classes at the gym on base.

Having more time outside is a fantastic feeling. I really enjoyed playing outside with Bailey yesterday and seeing the girls off the bus. It allowed everyone to play and get energy out before school work and dinner commenced.

I am enjoying being home and do feel that I am productive – it is that I get easily distracted!

I think I need to put some things in writing so that I can see what I need to do.

I think Laundry is calling my name!

What are some things you do to stay on track, organized, and get it almost all done?

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Miss Molly

A Day In The Life…Of Me!

A Day In The Life…Of Me! Oh you are in for a treat…..maybe?  My days are so much different than they used to be, but once I get the hang of this new life in Alabama (almost Georgia since we are stationed here at Ft. Benning, Georgia) I will be rocking and rolling!

My first alarm goes off at 5:25 am. I turn it off.

My second alarm goes off at 5:30 am. I turn it off.

My third alarm goes off at 5:35 am. I turn it off, but this time I roll over and check my phone to make sure it is really 5:35 am. It definitely is. I wait for my husband’s snooze to go off one more time, nudge him (elbow or throw a punch his way), and wait for my oldest to walk in thimage_1e room to let me know she is awake since her brand new alarm clock has, in fact, done its job and woke her up.

I tell her to go back up stairs to brush her hair, teeth, and get dressed. She fights with me for a bit then goes upstairs, and I get up for my first cup of coffee while hubby hits the shower.

I go into my oldest child’s room to get her back out of bed, walk in to the bathroom to plug in straighter as both her sister and her will have crazy hair. That is guaranteed.  I get her hair straightened and then I go wake the middle child and do the same routine.  This always brings about tears, fights, and lots of morning fun.

Downstairs I start hubby’s breakfast of egg whites and veggies, and my oatmeal. Once those are done I start on lunches. Once the kids make their way downstairs they eat, watch some TV, kiss Dad goodbye, and then make their way to the end of the driveway for the bus. I always go out there with them and wait to make sure they get on the bus. I am over protective I know.

Once they are done – back inside for me to finish breakfast and soak in the silence until the baby wakes. 30-45 minutes to myself in quiet is priceless. I don’t do anything either. I watch TV or just sit.

image_8Then she is up! We are off! This ball of energy wants cuddles for about 5 minutes and then it is busy, busy, busy! I do get her to at least entertain one episode of Mickey Mouse so she can jump around and dance (her fav). She helps me unload and load the dishwasher, move things so I can vacuum (yes everyday as I am crazy like that), and we pick things up in the girls rooms. Now we can play, name body parts, and repeat words.  Around 10:30/11:00 it is nap time. So warm milk and bed.

Lunch is quick – so quick no picture – but it was chicken, corn, tomato, black bean, balsamic, and good

The race is on and I shower, get dressed, get some self pampering in while I sit down and work. Today when I went in to shower – I found the dog hiding from the active one.image_3

Working consists of blogging, content creating for clients, and surfing around for new info, ideas, and other stuff that comes around. This lasts 3-4 hours. The child usually wakes up during this time and I get her something to drink and allow her to wake up on her own. Sitting on my lap, laying down – but about 30 minutes later she is up and moving. And so am I!

The girls get off the bus around 3:45/4 so we are outside to see that happen. Since the weather is nice – we don’t mind waiting and playing outside which includes some running and jumping. We also stop to watch the soldiers in Airborne school take part in jump week. This isn’t as awesome as F22 jets taking off daily, but it is pretty cool!

image_5image_4Then it is time to unpack the backpacks – start some homework, sign off and review on things, pack the backpack back up, and start dinner. Yesterday we had a guest – a family member (another soldier we knew from Alaska) – so we ordered pizza and subs and talked the night away.

The kids went to bed around 8 and we sat and laughed and introduced each other to new apps to play, places to go on base, updates on people we knew, and so much more, 9:30 rolls around and it is bedtime.  Yup. Bedtime.

I know – interesting, right?

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Miss Molly

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