School’s Out

School’s out…now what? I am extremely excited for this summer as it is the first one that I get to spend with my kids. I don’t go to an office and they won’t be going to an all day facility with teachers. This is new territory for us both – so we will see how this goes!

So far it has been only a couple days and I have noticed some things.  My kids get tired if they play. They play hard. We need to do most activities in the morning so that in the afternoon when I am working, they can relax and rest. Meaning they can watch a movie or TV and lay down to rest. This way it goes along with Bailey’s nap time and it gives me the quiet time I need.

Mornings are for outside. It seems that the afternoons will be just too dang hot. I know it is only the end of May and I should not complain – but it gets hot! Everyone has told me it gets worse and I will deal. It is just a little bit to get used to know matter what you know. We will make the best of our outside time each morning after breakfast, and make sure we get plenty of activity in.

This means that I will need to make the most of my mornings. I will need to get up and stay up to accomplish some housework, and to get some quiet time.  This won’t be hard, it will just become routine again. I used to do this and stopped once we came here. Some things were just meant to be I guess!

We have plenty of plans for this summer when it comes to seeing things/people/places for some adventures. I think the kids are going to have a lot of fun, as well as my husband and myself. I Bailey will still go to drop-in care here and there so that the older kids and myself can do some other things as well. I think it will be good for them and good for Bailey to get out.

I am one of those parents that feels the kids should continue to read/write/do math while on break.  I don’t want them to forget everything and I want them to stay sharp. We will make library trips, and write letters, and somehow figure out some math along the way. I know it seems like punishment for summer – but we have to help our kids stay their best.

Do you have suggestions for how to keep them learning?

What are your plans for this summer?

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A List

A list for you today.

It is the last week of school. Most kids are not even going. My kids however are going until a birthday book shows up. Hopefully that day is today because I am tired of fighting with them in the mornings!

I keep making plans for how I think the summer will go, but I have this feeling I am doing all of this planning for nothing really.

There are times I feel like Starbucks isn’t close enough. Oh wait, it isn’t.

I I wish some people lived a whole lot closer.

I have times where I wish I had next to no “things” but that turns into times where I wish I had more of something. I keep telling myself less stuff means less laundry, dusting, etc. but it doesn’t really end up changing regardless. I still want less and more.

I would really like to just sit down and read a book without interruption of someone wanting something. That means I need to find a good book worth reading. The latter part is harder that is seems, I assure you.

I do love my children – I do! I am enjoying this time at home with Bailey as it makes me somewhat more patient, and I get to spend the good times with her. Oh, and the bad times. Ha!

I struggle some days with wanting to do anything. That was my issue with yesterday. I think it was just because it was so dang hot.

I have been irritated and I wish the feeling would leave.

I cleaned my Keurig but it is still acting stupid. Unreal since I got it at Christmas.  It works perfectly fine, it just takes too long in my opinion to brew a 10 ounce cup of coffee.

That is all for my list today. Short and sweet. Random at best.




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#lalunenaturals Review

That is right – a review for you of #lalunenaturals Coconut Oil.

I have been a user of coconut oil for a bit now – I use it with my essential oils. I typically use them with my kids on their feet so that they will actually sleep. I started when we were in Alaska with a blend to help them sleep since the sun doesn’t like to set in the summer, and they also don’t like to sleep. I have gotten away from it a little but since we just moved. I know I need to get that started again – my kids hate bedtime!

I also had started to use it on my skin as a moisturizer and to help with my sun exposure. I dry out pretty fast because I like to get some sun, and I don’t drink enough water. I usually hate this process of moisturizing because you have to walk around for a bit to get the greasy feeling gone.

Enter La Lune and their Fractionated Coconut Oil.  I was impressed from the get go. Why? When I opened the bottle to put in the free pump that comes with it, I couldn’t. The bottle was literally filled to the top with oil. I had to use some first with the pop-up cap. Such an issue to have, right? Who fills their bottles that full anymore? Usually you open it and there is like 1 inch of empty. Since it is an oil it can’t be blamed on settling. So I was forced to use it right away – and I was very pleased with the results. I was worried I would be greasy and couldn’t do anything for a bit, but that was not the case. I was surprised with the lack of grease, and carried on about my morning. This is perfect for the person who is always late in the morning, or just hates that feel (I don’t anyone who likes it).

This bottle is huge. 16 ounces for $16.99 – this may or may not be expensive – I didn’t think so for the amount that came . The bottle is the biggest I have ever purchased, and remember how full I said it was?! Definitely got my 16 ounces.

Perfect for those who are using it as a carrier oil, wanting to soften their hair, or moisturize with it. You will not be disappointed at all. I did receive this product for a review – but all opinions are my own!

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