Time Saving Tips Blog Series

Time for a new series here on the ‘ol blog – have not done one in a really long time. So here it is!

Time Saving Tips Blog Series.Time saving tips

I have started to really take note of schedules in this house. Mainly because as much as I hate to say it – I am a creature of habit and it is easier for me to feel accomplished if I can get things done the same way always. I even complain about things never changing – and I like to make things exciting. In the end, habits always win.

Today we are going to talk laundry.

So fun, right? Well – that depends!

Some people love laundry, have very specific routines, sorting practices, drying beliefs, etc. You even have those that binge wash, those that throw away and by new (my friend once did this with socks cause she was tired of waiting for missing socks to appear), and then there are those of us who have just accepted the fact that there will always be laundry to do.

Here are a few time savers that I have come across – take them all, take some, or take none. I really don’t care – but I thought I would share since there are people searching for time saving tips on Pinterest. I know, I have seen the pins pop up in my feed.

1. Do not binge wash.
Nope, don’t even think about it. This makes you hate laundry even more, or waste precious time with your family that will be grown in the blink of an eye.  I have started doing a load every morning, and am debating on another load at night.  I start one when go upstairs to wake the girls for school in the morning. By the time they are out the door it is time to move it over to the dryer. Then I go downstairs, get my coffee (cup two sometimes) and bring it back upstairs (sneaking in some exercise there, #wycwyc) and sit down to check out some Pinterest happenings. This is in the hopes that I will find dinner ideas to use. If my youngest is up (el nino, per my father, after the crazy weather shift that is completely unpredictable), I end up staying downstairs to check my pins while she watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Clarification – if she is watching Mickey I surf Pinterest, if she is not I put my phone down to play (This is the only time I check Pinterest during the week, for the record). Once the dryer is done I fold laundry and put it away. Done for the day. Unless of course I end up adding in that extra load at night.

2. Make your kids help.
I mean this in a couple different ways. I am not teaching my kids laundry yet. Doesn’t mean you can’t – it might be your answer to the laundry issues in your house. What I mean, is I make sure that when they take clothes off, they are to make sure everything is turned right side out, meaning the socks are not inside out, shirt arms are not inside the shirts, and underwear is not inside pants. This makes folding so much easier and cuts down on the time I take to do laundry. Now, if they are guilty of not doing this – they will have the clothes returned to them in their dirty laundry baskets. I will only do laundry that is given to me as I request. My husband is not someone I will fight with on this as I really do enjoy doing his laundry as an “act of service” for him. It is his Love Language and I really try to speak his language.

3. You gotta keep ‘em separated.
I am funny about some of these things, and others I am not.  I always wash my husbands clothes separate due to his work. He is military and his uniform, pt clothes, and socks are all sweaty, dirty, and stink. I wash them on hot and this helps me to know that he always has clothes for work. If I were to split to them up they might not all get done and he could be without something he needed. I avoid this and it is easy to dump his stuff right in. My “delicate” items all get put in a separate dirty clothes bin so that I can wash them. It makes it easier to remember to not dry the bras, and I don’t have to fold these items as I put them in a drawer all their own – bonus on time savings right there. I also have my socks in this batch so that when I take them off they go in this smaller bin and have less of a chance to get lost. I wash towels by themselves so that I can wash them in hot and use some extra smell good stuff (Scentsy Washer Whiffs in White Tea & Cactus is my favorite). I don’t use the extra smell good stuff on everything as the delicate items don’t need it and neither do my husbands clothes. Plus, if need be I can do more than one load of towels in a day because folding them is pretty easy. Jeans and sweatshirts are also washed separate from the rest, but they can go together. I don’t like sweatshirt fuzzies getting everywhere and jeans can sometimes give other items a stain from the color. I suppose you could wash sweatshirts with towels, but again – total preference thing.  Last but not least – work out clothes. Those can all be separate so that you can wash them in hot to get rid of body funk. Some of these ideas seem time consuming, but it is so much easier to get things done when everything is alike.

4. Do each load once.
We have all been guilty of this. You waited too long to pull clothes from the dryer so now you have to keep fluffing them. You didn’t think about the laundry you started Friday until Monday morning and now you need to re-wash it cause it sat all weekend wet. Yuck. Not only does this waste time and set you behind, you are wasting water, electricity, and detergent and other products. So this one is a big whammy against time and money.  Plus the more washes your clothes go through the more they look worn.  Plus, getting in the routine of Step #1 – you can help yourself avoid this issue all together.

5. Buy smarter.
This mainly pertains to socks. Socks are a huge topic when it comes to laundry. Where the heck do they go? Despite what your belief is, they disappear and it will always end up this way. I have had sock bins that I throw all my socks into and wait until it gets full, or kids run out and then sit in front of the tv, or on the bed with my hubby and have a sock matching party. I can tell you we never match them all. You can put them all in a bin after you wear them so they only have one place to be – this is what I do for mine. OR you can do what I learned from the military. They guys all wear a sock for PT and then one for work. They even have different colors for different uniforms (dress, when they are here, when they are deploying, etc.) The  point is though – all their socks are the same.  So this way if any go missing you can just pair the single sock with a sock that previously lost its pair and make it work! I decided to work my kids socks smarter like this. I buy each kid the same style of sock in bulk. Each kid has a different size foot, so I can even get the same style for each kid and not worry about who’s are who’s.  If one goes missing, there is always another in the next batch that will need a match. Plus, this cuts down on needing to sit and concentrate to match socks since they all are the same. I only have to look at size, which is pretty easy to do when I lay them out on the bed.

These steps are time saving, and actually money saving and sanity saving! I know that this won’t work for everyone, and to each their own. I just know that this has cut down on having to do a lot of laundry on a weekend, and it also starts my morning off with a habit that allows me to fee productive first thing in the morning. Fresh laundry smell will put anyone in a good mood!

Now that you have read this – what are some of your tips?



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Half Way Done April!

Half way done April! Can you believe it? I am not ready for the end of April mainly because my youngest is turning 2. I don’t like it. She looks so grown up and is starting to talk more and we are even at the potty training part (Lord help me as I have never done it on my own before).

This has made me really think about having another child. Selfish thoughts I know, but I can’t help it – they are so much fun!

My working from home schedule is going better. I had worked through a couple different ways to go about my day to manage the home duties vs. work duties vs. toddler allowing it all to happen.  She is going to drop-in care two days a week so that I can concentrate and get a head, and to also give her some interaction.  I do lots of house work during the morning, and try to clean as I go the rest of the afternoon so I don’t have that mess left. I don’t like leaving stuff for Nick to do (cause he will do it just to get it done and help – no matter if I would rather him leave it. He is very helpful like that, but I don’t like it cause I feel like he shouldn’t have to. Totally a made up issue in my head). I then work while Bailey naps and try to work ahead some. Planning two similar posts so each week will get progressively easier. It will make working so much less stressful too.  Not stressing about being creative all the time. This helps with keeping content fresh and not forced. Then when Bailey wakes up we can play without me having to rush and I can enjoy time with her instead of trying to remember everything I had to do.

Our garden is growing quite nicely and I can’t wait to be able to actually eat the items that are in it. I hate having to buy only so much of these items in a store cause they turn bad within a week of coming home – and no one likes going to the store every week in our house.  Going outside will be a nice alternative. Not to mention the family fun we had building, planting, and watering it all!

I am super excited cause later this week Nick and I will get some time together and there I am super happy about that. I love my kids dearly (hello, I did say I was thinking about babies didn’t I?) but we don’t get a ton of opportunity to get out without them these days. I know it will come when they are older and so for now I will cherish the time with them.  I will also cherish these moments I get with my husband as they pop up!


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A Few Days…

A few days have gone by and I figured I would get some writing in!

Easter has come and gone – how was yours? Ours was good and low-key. We had brunch at Cracker Barrel with our neighbors who are sadly moving away. At least they are only moving like an hour away, so we can still hang out. They are really great people with super cute kids. We had also spent time with them a couple days prior eating way too much Mexican food and played some crazy game that had us questions transformers, trombones, and “soup-to-nuts.”

image1 (1)We also completed one of our family projects that took longer than expected for no real reason at all. Isn’t it cute? Everyone got to paint a piece themselves.

image2Our garden is growing! These were the first things we noticed – but almost all of them are growing out of nowhere. I swear this stuff just all of a sudden appears overnight and with some major growth. I guess I am just not that observant!

image4I made more salsa! I am getting the hang of this and cannot seem to make one batch anywhere near the same as the previous. This is good for the bad batches, but not good for those that we like!

image3Bailey is having some major meltdowns these days….so fun.

My kids soccer team that I coach won their first game 8-1 and I was very happy with them! This is my first time coaching and I have no idea what I am doing, okay maybe a small idea. I just wish people would remember that! I don’t know why it bugs me but I have a parent who I am just not clicking with. Sigh.

I ran 2 miles on Monday! I was so slow, but I was steady! It is always good to have my husband running with so he can watch the way I run. It makes me more conscious about things I am doing that might hinder my running.  He can also help me when my feet start to go numb to remember to change up my foot strike. We don’t talk a ton during these runs, but it is nice to have him there with me.

image5Abby completed her first school project on Mars. She did all the fact picking and writing herself, I just made lines on her poster so she could write straight lines. She did her planet out of paper mache and then we did help her spray paint it for obvious reasons. I am so proud of both my daughters who have both done school projects now.  They are awesome if I do say so myself!

We are back on to some clean eating. As good as it ends up tasting, and as good as it ends up making us feel, it still just sucks to start and take all the yummy, but bad foods for us. Sigh.

How have the past couple days gone for you?

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