Sometimes You Just Gotta….

Sometimes you just gotta know when you have to look at yourself and say “You have to want it as bad as you want to breath.”

Eric the Hip Hop Preacher said this in a video I watched a while ago. Yesterday I watched a video that audio clips of great statements for motivation and this was in it. It made me stop and think. I always say I want to do something, and I start, hit a wall and stop. I think this happens at least once a month. I actually thought about this same quote again this morning. I had been setting my alarm for 4:00 am and getting up to start my day right. I was trying to not rush my day and give myself a couple extra hours of productive time.  I did it for two days, slept in one, then back at it. This week was 4:30, 5, and other times. I got up this morning, looked at the clock that said 4:40, got discouraged for a moment and then heard the quote in my head.

you have to want it as much as you want to breathIt is my own fault. I got mad at my husband for pointing out that I did it two days, and then made the statement that I “always” get up that early. Okay, so maybe I was trying to make me feel good about those two days that I would continue doing it and he made me feel like I failed already (which I had)….or maybe I just got irritated that he pointed out I really didn’t want it.

I still am thinking it was part both.

It took a couple times of hearing that same phrase for me to really connect with it. I need to sit and think about the goals and ideas I have in my head. Do I r
eally want them? I mean, do I really want them? If so, I have to realize that I am 35 now and I have to make myself accountable to the things I want to do. Everyone has excuses. It is those of us who riseabove and make them happen that will actually succeed.

I want to be one of those people who succeeds.

What about you?

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My Christmas Gifting Includes Minted

It’s that time of the year again! You need to send out your holiday cards and find gifts for those people in your life that you want to show appreciate to! I know that for me it takes me forever to find just the right card. We tend to send out cards that include a picture because we are not near family and they like to see how much the kids have grown and where we are living now.  I also spend hours searching for just the right gift for the people in our lives. I really try to focus on the meaning behind the gift instead of the price on the gift.


Minted provides options that come from independent artists from all over so that there are numerous amount of options to choose from.  Not just the 20 designs you will find circulating between the pharmacy and chain stores. There are so many that I doubt I could even give you a number besides thousands of choices. You can take so many different options and change colors, fonts, and other details so that no two are the same! Brilliant!

I usually find myself shopping and it never fails, as soon as I see what I want I have run out of time – for those of us that are similar – they have a Buy Now, Personalize Later option. Genius!

Foil-Pressed Stationary makes the most simple of things elegant. Who doesn’t love getting a letter in the mail? Why not start the trend of writing letters again with a beautiful statement in your stationary choice? You may even wind up with a few letters back in your mailbox. Heck, you may even learn your letter carrier’s name!


I think for gift giving this year I am going to be giving two things: Silhouette Art to the family, and Foil Pressed Art to friends! The Silhouette Art will be a fun one to customize with my kids, pets to give to grandparents. I think it will be extremely special to provide my mom with a custom silhouette of my brother who passed away this year – the memory that never fades with time.

Untitled design (61)

Foil Pressed Art will be another trendy item to give to friends. I can make them match each friend’s personality with all the choices! Here are a few of my favorites:



One final super cool thing at Minted – the wrapping paper!!! You know most places carry the same styles, the mall papers are all solids – why not try something new? That way when everyone is “oohing” and “aahing” over the presents under the tree, you can say they are yours and you wrapped them yourself! I think you should definitely look into that as an option this year!


So now that you know how I am going to make my holiday a little more unique and elegant – I encourage you to check out Minted as well. They have different specials all the time, so make sure to check back often!

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Last Quarter

It is the last quarter of the year. What have I done with this year so far? I have made lots of mistakes, suffered the heartache of a loss, moved to a new state, began to make new friends, approach the start of new business, and so many more things. I can honestly say I don’t feel like I have accomplished much though, just done a lot of talking. I don’t like that feeling either.

This is the last quarter of 2015 and I am going to make it count gosh darn it! I have been wanting to make some successes happen and now is the time. I am somewhat in a groove of life and being happy with where I am, so providing myself some business success is a no brainer.

October2015I want to hit the rank of Blue in Youniuqe, which mean my team hits $4K in sales and I have AT LEAST $250 of that.

I want to have my blog course in PDF format completed.

I want to be running again – like really running. No excuses.

I want to have read 3 books.

I would love to have Christmas shopping half way done!

I don’t think these are major – but I do think they will help me get back in a groove of success. What are you looking at accomplishing in October?


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