Just Make A List

Just make a list.

People tell you all the time that you should make a list when it comes to things you need to do, things you don’t want to forget, what is coming up, for grocery shopping, and so on and so forth. In reality making a list isn’t what it is about, is it?

You absolutely will learn more by writing things down. A study carried out in 2010 by Indiana University found that the areas of the brain associated with learning worked far better when kids were asked to write words like “spaceship” by hand versus just studying the word off a whiteboard.  Taking notes is what people did before computers, and we have some of the most brilliant people in the world to thank for how far we have come. This was before the time of computers and all these devices. Sometimes just because technology makes things easier, it doesn’t mean it is making us better or smarter.

Writing things down also clears the mind and brain of info that is just taking up space and clouding your memory. Having it written down can clear your mind instead of trying to hold so much in. It allows you think, to relax, and to clear the fog that makes it hard to do simple things that were once mindless.

Writing things down has a real benefit for you. I have come up with a few things that can help you get into the habit!

  1. Find yourself a notebook that is pretty, or is eye catching so you won’t want to leave home without it,
  2. Grab a pen that you love. It really can make writing much more fun when it is in color, or when it is a smooth feeling.
  3. Make it a checklist or find a way to mark items completed or irrelevant.
  4. Make a list of goals or ideas so that you don’t lose momentum.

Making a list and writing things down doesn’t make you old or even getting older. It will help you gain back your brain strength, and allow you to keep moving forward with your life with minimal items left in the dust.

What is on your list?

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I Moved My Desk & Got To Work

Have you ever just been a place where nothing really is working, but you cannot put your finger on what it is?  I can say in my work life that is happening some. I found that I was having a hard time trying to create, stay focused, and put out quality work without taking forever to do so. I decided to move my desk ad got to work. Yup, that is what worked.

II moved my desk & got to workt was very simple. If you are in a situation that is just not working, you have to change where you are. I am not a genius, but I know far too many times I have allowed myself to stay stuck and just feel out of it for far too long. It really took me five minutes to pick up my desk, place it in the front bedroom, and get a view of the sunshine, trees, and airborne soldiers.  I could seriously watch Airborne School all day, and it provides a nice break every so often to regroup and clear my mind.

Have you found yourself drifting in your day-to-day as a stay-at-home  entrepreneur or just a mom who is at home with a laundry list of things to do for you and your household?  It is never a bad idea to write down what you want to or need to accomplish for the day. Regardless if it is in a planner, on a piece of paper, on your phone – just do it! it will allow you to see what your day looks like. This can help allow you to maybe push an errand to another day, or do an additional item, or enjoy some time with your family and friends.

I like to make a couple lists – things to do with dates they have to be done by and I place this at the beginning of my planner for the month that I am in. Then as I plan out my days I can place things as needed on the schedule. I try not overthink this. It is a planner yes, but it can be done with a pencil so that I don’t  have a heart attack when things don’t go right. I do tend to do this. Thankfully they also make stickers you can place on things that say canceled or rescheduled. They make your schedule changes pretty.

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Fly On The Wall – #1

Fly On The Wall #1 is another one of my  new writing challenges!  This one is for sure to make you chuckle! It is randomness that has happened in my house and I couldn’t help but shake my head about.

Incident #1

I woke up one morning to start the coffee for my husband before work. There is an ice cream container sitting on the counter – melted. I ask my 3 year old about it when she some down the stairs. She says, “It wasn’t me mommy. I am so tired I am going to go to sleep now.”


Incident #2

Parent: What are you doing with long sleeves and pants on outside? It is 90+ degree weather!
3 year old: It is hot outside.
Parent: Yes, yes it is – so why are you wearing items that will make you hotter?
3 year old: Because I want to.


Incident #3

3 year old: I want ice cream
Parent: It is not even 9:00 am, no.
3 year old: But I want it.
Parent: I said no.

10 minutes later….

3 year old: mommy…it’s after 9:00 am. Sissy told me so.

Incident #4

When it comes to closet doors I am kind of crazy about them being shut all the way. I hate that my kids will “shut” them, but not make sure they hear the “click” to close it.

“Mom you told me to close it, and I did.”
“You need to make sure the door ‘clicks’ shut and doesn’t just appear to be shut.”
“Then why didn’t you say that?”

I mean is there really more than one way to consider something shut?

Incident #5

“Hey kids , when you unload the dishwasher can you make sure that when you close the door you hear the ‘click’ of it closing so it doesn’t slam open?”
“Mom – do you think we don’t know how to shut a door?”
“No, I don’t.”
Blank stares…..

Please tell me I am not the only one with this issue…..

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