7 Streams of Income

I am shocked by another month going by and not really feeling any farther along with many things.  Launching some new ventures seem like they are treading water. Regrouping. New routes and plans of attack. Trying not to get down just yet, because there are so many things that I just didn’t know and need to try differently.  I can’t get out of my head that the average millionaire has 7 streams of income – with some being residual. I have all the opportunities at my hands and I just need to get them working now.

residual income, financial freedom, opportunityYounique. If you have tried our lashes before, you need to try them again. July 15th we are launching the 3D Moonstruck Lashes+ and they are said to be amazing. I was just going to order a new set, and luckily we get to order a new set before our customers, and I will be putting up a review.  I am also excited because anyone who wants to join me with my amazing team can get free shipping, an exclusive charm, and a second set of lashes included in their kit. Pretty amazing. I can’t wait to grow my team, ramp up education, and get people making more income to provide for their families.

BeachBody. I am not a fan of all things BeachBody, but lets face it – what I really don’t like is the way some coached bombard their audience. You won’t ever see me post a ton about it, but that will slightly change. You will see a new approach and you will get to decide for yourself. Everyone has a different approach to fitness, and I have my own. It doesn’t always go along with what some people think it should be. Yet, as a busy work-from-home digital marketing consultant, mom to three energetic little girls, wife to an amazing soldier who has a crazy schedule – we make things work our way! I told my husband I wouldn’t get back into selling all sorts of things, and I will keep that promise. I won’t turn away anyone who asks me about what I am doing though, because I am a helper. I want to see people succeed.

Team Media Marketing. I am a digital marketing consultant and sincerely enjoy that of social presence for companies – specifically small businesses. I like to see people not feel frustrated when it comes to joining the crowd, and being seen.  I thrive on creating content that clients love, creating blog posts that are rich in SEO, and platforms jump with engagement. Are you a small business owner, or even a network marketing professional who has a team that needs some tips – I can help. I am affordable and I can speak your language. I am always available for consults, team training, content strategies, and community management.

I am shy of the 7 things by 4, but I have a feeling this is my month to make things happen. After all, it is the 7th month of the year – doesn’t that seem like a sign that this is the month to make it happen? I think brainstorming will be at an all time high to make sure that I cam secure my families future financially with my husband so that we can do the things we want to do without question.

Are you looking to do something similar? Let me help you and your future team. Everyone needs a partner and I would love to be yours.


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June Is Almost Done?!?

Can you believe it? June is almost done! It  has absolutely flown by here!

The month started off with lots of projects and around the house fun trying to complete some things to make this house a home. Thank you Pinterest!

image5 (3)

image3 (5)

image4 (4)

We also got to enjoy some fun at the drag strip with dad as he was on vacation! He got a new Chevy Blazer to take back down the strip. I told him he could not sell it when he was done because I like it. It is fun to drive I tell ya!

image1 (10)

Bailey has been a maniac with her cutting the entire top portion of her hair, and becoming potty trained! Such a big girl – I can’t even begin to tell you how sad this makes me!

image2 (6)

image12 (1)

We got to see some friends and help them move a truck – and then ate at the Zac Brown Band Restaurant – so good!


We went putt-putting with the girls at an indoor course – so fun! They also had roller skating but that was not something we did, can you imagine? Oh my!

image6 (1)

We road tripped to the beach with my sister and her family – Panama City Beach is calling my name for another trip soon and thankfully Nick agrees!

image8 (1)


We came home for Nick to go right back to work, but his work also provided us a family night out at the Columbus Museum. The night involved a scavenger hunt, catching up with friends, dinner, and then a movie for us all! I love when nights like this happen. It brings the fun back!



Now we are trying to get back to a normal routine which involves quick meals,  good books, projects to keep learning, and visiting friends across the south. Just a little over a month till school starts, a couple weeks till the hubster goes on a trip, and so much more!

What did you do this month?

How does summer change your schedule?



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June 2015 Goals


JUNE 2015 Goals

Without further procrastination – here are the things that I hope to accomplish this month!

  1. Read 3 Books – I am wanting to really get into reading again. It will take my bored time away from the Internet and gossip shows that I tend to gravitate towards.
  2. Lose 10 Pounds – I fight with this all the time. I need to do this to be happier with myself, no one else.
  3. Blog 15 Times – I have got to get back into the swing of writing. I think it allows my brain to be less cloudy. Is that possible? HA! It might get out some of the randomness that happens.
  4. Attain 3 Clients – I can totally do this. I even got my first blog post scheduled and ready to roll for it!
  5. Run 30 Miles – I can so do this.
  6. Pinterest – I want to actually do 5 pins from each of the boards that I have created. Then I can either keep the pins or delete them.
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