Last Quarter

It is the last quarter of the year. What have I done with this year so far? I have made lots of mistakes, suffered the heartache of a loss, moved to a new state, began to make new friends, approach the start of new business, and so many more things. I can honestly say I don’t feel like I have accomplished much though, just done a lot of talking. I don’t like that feeling either.

This is the last quarter of 2015 and I am going to make it count gosh darn it! I have been wanting to make some successes happen and now is the time. I am somewhat in a groove of life and being happy with where I am, so providing myself some business success is a no brainer.

October2015I want to hit the rank of Blue in Youniuqe, which mean my team hits $4K in sales and I have AT LEAST $250 of that.

I want to have my blog course in PDF format completed.

I want to be running again – like really running. No excuses.

I want to have read 3 books.

I would love to have Christmas shopping half way done!

I don’t think these are major – but I do think they will help me get back in a groove of success. What are you looking at accomplishing in October?


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A Detailed Comparison Between Elliptical, Rowing Machine and Treadmill

With improving technology and increasing focus on physical fitness, most of us are looking for those fitness equipments which directly help us address our main physical fitness requirements. In such a scenario, it is only natural for comparisons to be made between fitness and exercising equipments. People always draw comparisons between machines which more or less provide the same benefits and this is why the debate between elliptical trainers, rowing machines and treadmill is always on. If you are someone who wants to pick one from these three, then you can go through the following given detailed comparison.

Definition and description:

  • A treadmill is a cardio machine which can be used to improve your cardiovascular health by walking, jogging or running on it and is a high impact machine which helps to burn a lot of calories.
  • An elliptical trainer is too a cardio equipment which has pedals on it which move up and down, helping to burn calories. This machine also has movable handles which ensure a workout for the arms as well.
  • A rowing machine is a machine which is used to stimulate the action of a rowing boat and helps those who want to train for rowing a boat or target their cardiovascular health.

A good choice for:

  • A treadmill is a good choice for those who wish to work on their thighs, legs or other parts of the lower body. This machine is recommended to those who wish to lose weight or work on their cardiovascular health.
  • An elliptical trainer is considered ideal for those who have knee problems, spine problems and for those who are looking for a low-impact workout. This machine targets both the upper and lower body and is thus good for those who wish to tone their arms as well.
  • A rowing machine is great for those who wish to enter a rowing competition or want to work on their upper and lower body simultaneously.

Weight bearing effect:

  • A treadmill is a great machine as far as the weight bearing effects are concerned however both the elliptical and rowing machine do not offer this benefit.


  • Walking, jogging or running on a treadmill is a high impact workout and is hence not considered good for those who have any kinds of knee problems or injuries.
  • Both elliptical and rowing machines offer a low impact workout which means that you can work as hard as you want on them without having too much impact on joints as in the case of a treadmill.


  • A treadmill is easily available and the foldable models take up little space. This machine can easily fit into your budget.
  • The elliptical trainer is ideal for beginners and also facilitates cross training. It can be used with or without the arms and poses little risk of injury.
  • A rowing machine targets the whole body and does not require any power supply to function.


Since number of models in these machines is available it is always advisable to check the treadmill reviews, reviews of rowing machines and elliptical reviews before finalizing one.


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September 2015

ASeptember (1)nother month ticks away at the year 2015. I am pretty happy as this month has already brought cooler weather (well, maybe it did start before today), and I am happy to be able to put on my long sleeves and jeans and actually look like I still belong. These are my favorites things to wear, but when I would wear jeans prior to now, my  husband would give me a look that would imply I was insane. For wearing jeans that is. All other times I can’t really say ;)

I am happy too as this means that the school year has started and we are getting into a regular routine. I missed this. The summer was fun, crazy, and trying at times. I loved it, but I am glad to be back to a routine that allows for quiet, and consistency.  I am a mess when I don’t have that. I myself am still trying to establish my routine again – but I am closer than I was two weeks ago!.

September Goal Call-With a new month also brings new goals. I love to make goals. I am not the best at sticking to them always, but I do love to make them. This month I am pushing to meet my goals for sure!  I also want to encourage you to meet your goals! Setting and then meeting goals is a huge sense of accomplishment I remember feeling when I worked out of the home. I don’t like I have that same sense of accomplishment as I am not with my team anymore. I want to replace that with a feeling of getting something done, and this month I challenge you to do the same!

I have printed off and marked in my planner my running goals for this month. Marked days that I will run certain distances. I am making it a priority to run. I may have to change some things up next week after talking to my hubby a little about it – I hate changing things from the way they are provided to me (even if I just found it on the internet) because I feel like I am not doing what I should. I do understand reasons why I should move some things around – we will see how this goes.

I got a couple books from the library so I have that part taken care of and ready to be met!

I am hopeful to get new team members for my Younique team as it is a perfect time to join this business with their biggest launch yet of new and amazing products!

I would love to acquire new clients this month – even if they are just for blogging working, helping those create their own blogs, or social media strategies – a client is a client in my book, no matter how big or small!.

What are your goals this month-What about you though? What are your goals for this month? Have you even thought about it? You realize, that it doesn’t matter what your goal looks like to someone else’s – they are yours and that is all that matters! So start writing them down and keeping them where you can see them. You can do this and that is what counts!

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