What Do You Do

What do you do when things need to change and you don’t exactly know how to change them? I say you take a leap of faith and just do it.  I mean why not? The only way you are going to find out if something will work or will not is to try, right?

I have been struggling with weight loss recently. I even went so far as to have a doctor’s appointment and they told me nothing was wrong. I know part of my problem is that I have become so busy that I have tried to make things easier on me, while at the same time making it harder.

I used to drink black coffee – now I drink 2-3 creamer filled coffees. No bueno.

I drink soda – no bueno.

I eat what is around – no bueno.

I used to run 3 miles every morning – now I just do what I can and when I can- no bueno.

The buck stops here. Tomorrow starts my accountability and ability to get things back under control like it once was.  I may not have all the support that I used to – but I will not let my issues defeat me.  I will win this war that is within myself.

I am not going to sit here and say I will drink 1,000 ounces of water, or run 5 miles everyday but Sundays, or that I will meal prep and eat salad everyday. Nope – not going to frustrate me before I start. I want to go about this the right way.

One of my fears that is right upon me – is that I have to see my mother in about 8-9 weeks. She always makes it a point to talk about my weight and if I have packed some pounds or not. I am not in the frame of mind where I can laugh it off and shoot her a smart mouthed remark back. It might actually break me this time.  I can’t handle it.  I don’t want to have to even deal with it.

I am going to just do the best I can and get myself to a healthy frame of mind and go with it.

Anyone want to come with me?

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Miss Molly

Saturdays Are Busy

Saturdays are busy for most people anymore it seems. At least the people I know. There is no such thing as downtime anymore – where did it go? Here – let me tell you were!

My Abby – we have a birthday invite at least every other weekend. I am not upset about this because she is a social kid. She is like me that she thrives when she is around people. I don’t’ mind taking her to these birthday parties as you can now imagine! You never know who you will meet and it is always nice to broaden your circle of friends, right?  This child d oes like library trips. So we don’t go every single week, but we try to go every other. She loves to read chapter books now and I never want to discourage that. She has a new love of running and I like to use her as my excuse. It is all for me kid so I have to!

Ryley – she is my kid who can be very needy. I was that kid for parts of my life too. I now know how my parents kind of felt. She needs to be nurtured and I don’t mind doing that either. She looks forward to “special” trips with mom. It doesn’t even need to be special, really. She just likes the idea of having one-on-one attention from someone. I think it has to do with being the middle child, but I can’t be sure since I wasn’t the middle child. Aunt Koby?

Bailey – is balls to the wall. She wants to go and does not understand that sitting and watching a movie can be fun. After about 15 minutes she is done.  I love that I can just dance and play with kid toys, or color and sing, and she loves it! I have an excuse, my last excuse, to be a kid again.

Then there is everything that has to get done – laundry (can I have two Saturdays every weekend please?), cleaning sheets, vacuuming, sometimes dusting, and bathroom cleaning. Ugh. I like how it all looks after, so you would think it could be therapeutic. I do love me some just vacuumed carpet lines. You know what I am talking about too….the look after you vacuum and you can obviously tell it has been done. Like yeah – I just cleaned!  Let us not forget grocery shopping (thank you to my hubby for doing this) cause that has to be done. IF a car needs washed or cleaned out.

Then lets try and fit in all the things that I like to and want to do. I love to learn about social media. Like love to learn. I want time to research. I work cause I am a workaholic. I want to read. I want to learn new marketing techniques. I want to run. I want to have an hour to myself without a child’s voice my presence. I want to run to the store without having to buckle a kid in a car seat. I just want to have another day in the weekend – makes total sense, right?

What do you find is a great way to do as much as you can without sacrificing time or energy that could be well spent?



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Miss Molly

Random Stuff

Random stuff for you here….

Tomorrow is Friday, but today felt more like a Friday to me than a Thursday.

December 9th is coming fast.

December 5th is coming faster.

Trying to plan my next race isn’t as easy as it sounds.

I feel like I could use a coffee right now.

It is 8:12 pm.

Sales goals aren’t going to make themselves.

I love the ability to come up with a campaign that makes a client happy, and is fun to present.

I think I need to go stroll the aisles of an office supply store.

Stationary and pens make me happy.

My kids have tomorrow off, yet I still have to go to work.

I have a chocolate party tomorrow, book party, kids party, and a potential spa party between tomorrow and Saturday.

I am going to be busy.

I am going to miss Alaska.

I admit it.

I can’t wait for the beach.

I can’t wait to sweat.

I think this is all I have for now.

Not much – but it is something.

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Miss Molly

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