A New Reason To Mail Something!

Ah, the holiday season is upon us. They are already counting down how many Fridays are left for Christmas shopping and it is still September. Yup – tis the season folks! Last year we had a friend take some amazing family pictures and with the hustle and bustle of the season, I waited too long to get my cards done, used a 1 hour photo, and then never mailed them. Why? I just didn’t really like them in the end.  I felt I wasn’t doing the amazing pictures justice!  The year prior I used an amazing website to order them called Minted and I did it with plenty of time and got them mailed. I loved them!

When I first had heard about the site I was figuring it was going to have similar designs just like every site seems to have. I was sadly mistaken. They had some of the most creative layouts around! The best part, is that most layouts even had different color options! After the holidays I needed some business cards for a new venture I had became part of.  Everyone I knew of was using the same company that advertised lots of cards for a cheap price. Again – everyone I knew had similar looking cards. Or the same card for different types of businesses. Not good for a first impression in my mind.  I found new and exciting layouts, different color options, and my favorite part – TRIPLE think business cards!!  These were my top three:

MIN-8UP-BSC-001_A_PD MIN-91L-BSC-001_C_PD MIN-Y36-BSC-001_A_PD

All of these could be personalized and you could change the colors on them! I love them! I ended up going with the middle one and couldn’t be any happier with my choice! If only I could say with one profession long enough to use them all!

The time is also going to come when we need to move away from Alaska. We have a ton of people that will want our new address when we finally get one. I was searching through the website and found some super cute moving announcements. Again – here are my top there. The one with the trailer full of stuff will most likely be it, because my husband does want to carry some stuff via trailer. Not my idea of a good time, but I could use this cute card! Not to mention the super cute reference to the Disney movie Up!

MIN-58X-MVA-001_B_PD MIN-70X-MVA-001_A_PD MIN-77X-MVA-001_A_PD

Sincerely though, this is not to mention the fact that you can get stationary, kids stationary, and so much more from this website. Quality is top notch, and this is basically the best part, besides that you get to look at the mock up after the designer finishes it! One last check never hurt anyone! I couldn’t be happier with the service I received last time I ordered. I don’t think I will ever order from another site again, not matter what kind of deal they offer. They just can’t beat the quality, style, or personal touch service that Minted offers. If you didn’t have a reason to mail something before – these cards will make you find a reason!

Why don’t you go and check it out and let me know which one you would pick if you were to move!

I was asked to do a review on Minted from them directly. I am getting free merchandise credit in return. This would not change my opinion as I have stated before, I have used their services before and I love it!

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Miss Molly

New Baby Essentials

When you’re expecting your first child, it’s important to feel like you’re prepared. There are many necessary items which will ensure your baby is as healthy as possible – and you are as sane as possible – in their early stages of life.

You’ll need essential new born items like a baby walker, stroller, car seat – the list is endless! The following advice will hopefully give you some guidance for the first steps of getting prepared.

1)  Baby Clothes

It’s hard to know what size clothes are needed until your baby is born, but you’ll have to get a few pieces ready for when the baby arrives. Buy clothing that’s soft and durable, in styles such as a one-piece, t-shirts, leggings, sweaters and coats, socks, pyjamas and hats.

2) Diaper Kit

You’ll need around ten diapers a day, along with wipes, cream and a portable changing pad or towel to lay on changing tables.

3) Carrying Baby

If you want your baby close to you, you can buy a carrier or sling. If you’d like some storage, a stroller is the best and most efficient way to move around and carry as much stuff as possible. You’ll also need a safe car seat; some strollers are car seats and strollers combined!

4) Feeding

If your arms ache while feeding baby, a nursing pillow might be helpful: you can hold your baby while avoiding straining your shoulders. If you’re breastfeeding you might also need some cream to soothe your nipples, as it can be very sore for the first few weeks. It’s also essential to purchase burp cloths and bottles, a breast pump and formula if you’re not planning to solely breastfeed.

5) Entertainment

Pacifiers are great for soothing some babies; others aren’t too keen. You might want to get a bouncer seat to give your arms a break, or a play-mat to keep your baby entertained, along with a few toys and board books. Once baby starts to show an interest in standing, a baby walker can be a great toy, but be very careful with stairs.

6) Sleeping

You’ll need a crib or small bassinet, along with bedding and small blankets for covering and swaddling.

7) Baby’s Safety

Baby proofing will be necessary as soon as he or she is moving around. Baby monitors will help if you’re in a different room, and make sure you have a fully stocked first aid kit.


Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is an exciting and stressful time. Be sure to take it easy and have fun with getting ready for the big arrival.

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Miss Molly

Morning Schedule Change

10583835_10152686586224312_6473272409793730919_n Abby started school yesterday and she has decided to take morning showers now. Morning schedule change had to happen. I knew the time would come, but I wasn’t ready for it to happen in second grade to be honest.  She is wanting to take a shower everyday – which I am exited about since she is a sweaty kid. The problem is she wants to take them in the morning – as do I.

Abby has no time concept so I have to be able to keep her on track while in the shower. I have to keep her to singing only one song instead of the soundtrack to Frozen.  She would if I let her.  Yes, she really sings in the shower.  This is where my issue is. I used to wake her up at 6 am, go take my shower, and then we would all be ready about the same time to leave.  Now, I will have to get up earlier, and I have been, but it still isn’t timed just right.

Here is the funny thing. Last summer I would get up around 3:45 am and go meet friends at 4:15 am to go run everyday.  Before that I would get up with Nick and make his coffee, breakfast, clean the house, do dishes, and laundry. Why is it so hard for me to get back into that routine? I like early mornings and can actually get a ton in the mornings.  Am I getting more lazy with age?

I think that this is the boost I needed to get my butt back in the morning routine -  but I wasn’t expecting it to be honest. I really didn’t think this would happen so soon. Do I want this? Yes! Am I ready for this? No!

I guess it is time to get out the scheduler and get everyone on task for the school year ahead!

10570394_10152687696559312_7875143379956991333_nI decided that with the school year starting it is as good as any of a time to get back into the habit of things – I mean I have to start a new schedule, why not just get it all going so I have one transition instead of 20? I like to journal – so I started back on my peak, pit, praise, prayer writing. It allows me to realize that there were some great parts to my day, low points, and then things that I am going to pray for. I try to keep it simple and to the point, but it is therapeutic for me as well. I like the idea of writing since I kinda like to stay silent when I am settling in for the night. Is there anything that you do religiously?

I also was able to catch my oldest two in a sweet moment. I took a picture before it stopped.




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