The Weekly Chase #20

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The Weekly Chase #20 Without Further Ado – Here is last week’s recap!

#1 – Wake up at 4 am each day for my runs and walks with Elizabeth! We plan on running M-W-F and walking T-R. I think Saturday will be hill repeats. I think she wants to kill me :)  *CHALLENGE GOAL*  – – – So we did pretty well! My friend Elizabeth (and Rhoda on Thursday!) got up and ran intervals for 3.1 miles on Monday, 3.2 on Tuesday, 4.5 on Friday and I also walked 5 miles on Saturday in the Alaska Run For Women with the Anchorage area Moms Run This Town group! Wednesday Nick had an early morning jump to go to and Friday my body said no.  I was so pleased with how it went and cannot wait for this coming week!  I did have some shin splints, but I am going to work through that with a smile on my face 🙂 Over 15 miles this week…I couldn’t be happier!

#2 – Combat workouts on M-T-W-F-Sat *CHALLENGE GOAL* – – – This didn’t even happen. I am not sad though as I had so much fun with being able to run again with no real issues! I can tell you that I found weighted gloves in my storage room while I was looking for clothes for the girls.  I was so stoked. I may try to get it back in this week again!

#3 – Make it through my first week of work – – – I did….

#4 – Power Hour daily at 2 pm – – – I took this out to be able to make it through the week,

#5 – Keep my sanity – – – This was almost blown on Tuesday. Having Bailey at work is a blessing and a curse. I mean I love that I can bring her and see her and enjoy her, I just get really anxious when she starts to fuss. I think she is louder that she probably is, and I am just worried about it in general. I need to relax. As the week went on she was better and starting to get used to the office. I felt better on Friday.

On to this week…

Move Your Body Weekly Chase JuneIn keeping up with the current challenge of Move Your Body – I will continue to incorporate this into my weekly goals!

#1 – Keep the momentum and continue to wake up at 4 am and meet my friends to run.  I would like to see 20 miles this week, but since it is only week 2 I will still be happy with at least what I did last week! *CHALLENGE GOAL*

#2 – Color Run on Saturday – I plan to enjoy it to the fullest with so many of my friends! *CHALLENGE GOAL* (Even though this one won’t be hard at all!)

#3 – Combat 3 days this week. I will just try and fit it in when I can!

#4 – Continue to keep my new journal called “Peaks, Pits, Praises, and Prayers” – I record each of these things every night before I go to bed to remind myself to be thankful for EVERYTHING that the Lord has provided me.

#5 – Get our family back on a healthier eating track. We were there before Bailey and just need to get back there – I am off to a good start as dinner in marinating in the fridge as we speak!

#6 – Keep my sanity at work this week.

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