Fly On The Wall – #1

Fly On The Wall #1 is another one of my  new writing challenges!  This one is for sure to make you chuckle! It is randomness that has happened in my house and I couldn’t help but shake my head about.

Incident #1

I woke up one morning to start the coffee for my husband before work. There is an ice cream container sitting on the counter – melted. I ask my 3 year old about it when she some down the stairs. She says, “It wasn’t me mommy. I am so tired I am going to go to sleep now.”


Incident #2

Parent: What are you doing with long sleeves and pants on outside? It is 90+ degree weather!
3 year old: It is hot outside.
Parent: Yes, yes it is – so why are you wearing items that will make you hotter?
3 year old: Because I want to.


Incident #3

3 year old: I want ice cream
Parent: It is not even 9:00 am, no.
3 year old: But I want it.
Parent: I said no.

10 minutes later….

3 year old: mommy…it’s after 9:00 am. Sissy told me so.

Incident #4

When it comes to closet doors I am kind of crazy about them being shut all the way. I hate that my kids will “shut” them, but not make sure they hear the “click” to close it.

“Mom you told me to close it, and I did.”
“You need to make sure the door ‘clicks’ shut and doesn’t just appear to be shut.”
“Then why didn’t you say that?”

I mean is there really more than one way to consider something shut?

Incident #5

“Hey kids , when you unload the dishwasher can you make sure that when you close the door you hear the ‘click’ of it closing so it doesn’t slam open?”
“Mom – do you think we don’t know how to shut a door?”
“No, I don’t.”
Blank stares…..

Please tell me I am not the only one with this issue…..

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3 thoughts on “Fly On The Wall – #1

  1. Regarding Incident #4, those might be my children because I did that sort of thing to my parents all the time when I was a kid! Oh, and #1? Yeah, Chad left that out. lol

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