Planning for Next Year

Planning for next year has begun in my household. I am actively working on setting goals for my household, my business, and myself. I have things that I want to start putting into a routine with my kids, my husband, my health, my fitness, and my business. I have been so slack on getting things written down so that I could think through the ideas. I find that the more I can think through things and really put actionable items into place, the better I do.

I want to really be more present with my kids and my husband. I want to be intentional about the time that I get to spend with them. That is why this year I am going to do more one-on-one time each of them. I think that relationships thrive so much more when there is devoted time for them.

I want to be able to set a health and fitness goal each quarter and really go for it. I have set many goals this year and they all fell through basically, and I think it is because I failed to plan. I have my first goal set and it is a shorter term goal, which I think should help me. I am pretty excited for this as working towards this goal alone, will help me hit two others along with it.

I want to be able to create a program and sell it successfully. I have already taken the steps of getting a business mentor that will lead me along the path of what works. I will also create a community that allows like-minded people to thrive. I need the push to get things done so that I can really get success in my sights.

I also am ready to help other people not struggle as much as I used to with productivity. I have found that this starts with my morning routine. It may vary from time to time, but for the most part, it is relatively the same. I work through the same basic steps to keep myself on the road to a smooth morning.

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