Get Your Crap Together Molly

Man, I need to get my crap together. I know that I have got to get back into a routine to make things happen! It never fails – moms, I know you feel me – that your kids start school and things go well. Then comes Thanksgiving break, things are off for a week, but as soon as you get back, Christmas break hits. Kids home, husband home, everyone is home. No routine as you have to get them all taken care of and fit all your crap into things also. New Year hits, you take a couple weeks to get back into it – Spring break arrives. Crap. Now to really just muster through and get back to routine in about three weeks for school to let out. Crap again. Now to create a whole new routine that caters to kids all the time and work and everything else.

Get it together I tell myself plenty of times.

I honestly am beginning to think that me trying to make everything fit into my schedule is what is creating these issues. God is laughing at me for trying to do it all my way. He is telling me to calm myself, look upward and rely on Him.  I just wish that He could just help me out and maybe put it on my Google calendar, or even pencil it into my Erin Condren planner. It would be great – right?

Too bad, so sad…it doesn’t work like that.

I am going to continue to plan, but I will do it in pencil. I know this will frustrate me a lot, but I know that I can do nothing but say “Yes Lord” and keep moving. Let us not get so uptight about things that we cannot see that there is a divine purpose in it all.

Rest easy friends – I feel you.

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