Day Late

Day late and a dollar short – I know. I have a love hate with Memorial Day. I respect the honor of the fallen and know how important their sacrifice was. I just hate that everything comes flooding into my heart and out my tear ducts at the same time. I also found out that a friend is deploying today or probably within the midnight hours of last night/this morning.

I know that people get called to serve and have such pride that they jump at the chance to go. I respect that. I feel as if people who carry such selflessness are rare anymore, but we need so many more to be that way. I wish I could do more for those. I have a reminder on my phone to pray daily for her. I don’t necessarily need a reminder as she will be in my heart until she comes safely home. I do feel as if I pray at the same time every day for her, I can let her know and she can maybe feel it wherever she is at that time.

Another is in the countdown to go.

Along with so many more. These are just the ones I know by name, their family, and those who love them.

I know there will be countless that go and sometimes they come home minus something. Whether that something is a team member, their sanity, or even just part of themselves.

I am honored to be married to a man who is one of these chosen few. I am more than blessed to still have him here with me. I don’t take that lightly. Last night while I rubbed his head I stared at him while he laid there, eyes closed. I love that I am lucky to have him here by my side and that he has been for a good long while. I don’t take that for granted at all. I love him.

Watching the news recap the events of yesterday I was able to see a local legend dressed up in full military uniform and in his 90’s. The pride he has. It just makes you stop and smile. What an awesome man. I cannot wait to see him at the next Rangers In Action to give him and another favorite of mine a hug and kiss. They are brave and they are amazing. #RLTW they would say.

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