Lead By Example

Lead by example.

People will remember what you did, not what you said.

You get what I am saying here? You can talk as much as you want to, but unless you actually follow through with the actions that you speak of, it really means nothing. Even better is when you speak in one direction, but walk in another. I know I have not always been perfect – not by any means, but I sure do try. I especially try with three daughters that are starting to take notice of everything. I hate being stopped in my tracks by an 8 -year-old who realizes I just did what I said not to do.

Talk about eating some humble pie.

I see it absolutely everywhere now. People talk about a united front, making the world better, etc., and point out who isn’t doing what or what we should be doing. Then go do it I say. Stop talking about what hasn’t been done, and how things should be done. Stop talking.

Start doing.

Join a group, start a group, just do it (totally wish I was sponsored by Nike, but I am not). Stop complaining and start doing. It matters in all areas. I was starting to complain about not being active, so I literally got up, changed, and went outside and ran. It was definitely not pretty, but I did it. I have continued to do it minus the one rest day a week, and last night due to a prior commitment. I will not complain about it anymore, and if I find myself doing that I will get up and go run right then if I can.

I will not sit and complain about how things aren’t how I feel they should be. I wanted the color red on my walls, not the exact shade that there is, but I wanted red. I painted it and now I will deal with the good and the bad color I see as the light hits it. Just because you may have wanted to see the wall blue doesn’t mean that we can’t be friends. It means we like different things but can still respect each other’s color wheel favorites. I will not tolerate people who state that they cannot be friends will ALL those who love red in any shade. That right there is the same as saying you don’t like ALL people from Jersey because The Jersey Shore was a horrible show, and so all people from there must be just like that. Sounds silly, but that is how it is.

I will not spew the hate. I will respectfully listen and respond with love and kindness. The same love and kindness you stated we needed while you talk about how you hate ALL people who like red.

Oxymoron much?

I will accept my faults and own my mistakes. I know there have been times that I have not been a great friend by not picking up a phone. However, I will not be a friend who is the only one who is in the friendship. I will own that we have grown apart, but I will not take the comments about you always being surrounded by fake people and that you are always the one who gets crapped on. If you have lost 20 friends in the last couple of years, and they are all still friends – maybe it is you. I will take my own blame, but I will not help you hand out undeserved blame to others. I have learned how to be a friend and how not to be.

You suck as a friend, and you need to come back down to your actual height, not what is listed on your license.

We all dream big, right?

I just feel like we all carry problems, bad judgment from time to time, bad habits, and other things. We cannot continue to say negative things or talk about how bad things are if we are just going to come back to the same coffee shop, order the same thing as yesterday, and have the same conversation as yesterday.

Do something about it.

Lead by example.


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