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About me – I guess you could say I was not meant to stay in one place. I was born and raised till I was 7 in Iowa. Part of me misses that simple life with family and friends….We then moved to Upstate New York for 4 years.  My dad was not military – Just a John Deere employee.  Ohio came next and that is where my parents and brother and sister still remain. I like Ohio – but loved moving to North Carolina even more!  There I married my amazing husband and stayed for 9 years. We then moved to Alaska for three years, which was an experience I will never forget. I never got tired of seeing moose and bear! Alabama is where we call home for now. Time to start making some memories!

I am working on regaining my running skills, getting back into shape, and enjoying family while doing it all. It isn’t the easiest all the time – especially since I love food like no other! I am hoping that one day it will all click and fall into place, but I know that doesn’t come without hard work.

I have three daughters that need a good role model, so who better than me?! Taking care of my family is a priority to me, but keeping the flame lit with my husband is also at the top of my list. I like being able to do things for them, and help others, but I also like taking care of myself as well.

Parenting, education, fitness, military life, and all around randomness is what I strive for and I hope you enjoy it!


I do generate income and accept advertising/ads & links on my blog. If you are interested – please contact me!

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Wait a second did I just read you lived in Skaneateles, NY? That’s where I live now and where my husband grew up! Small world! I can’t wait to read more from you, you’ve been officially added to the reader.

    • I did live in Skaneateles! WE live dmore towards Spafford by Fesko Farms. How crazy is that!!?? I miss Valentine’s deli, twin tree’s pizza, and Doug’s Fish Fry! I miss it and want to go back for a visit – the beautiful lake!

  2. Small world! I live right near Welch Allyn. I eat at Valentine’s quite a bit it’s my favorite pizza and Doug’s of course is a classic too! If you ever come for a visit please let me know!

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