You have to begin somewhere

You Have To Begin Somewhere

You have to begin somewhereNo matter what it is that you are thinking about doing, you have to begin somewhere, take that first step and begin.  Take that first step. For weeks I had been contemplating the idea of blogging again. I really love to write and talk to people through my writing. When it comes to actually writing, I just get really anxious about the process. I can make lists all day long about what to write about, when to post it, where to share it, and all that jazz.

It should just be logical that the next step is to go ahead and write, correct? Yes! However, I just tend to shut off there. I had plenty of friends who I would write topic lists for about blogging ideas. They were then able to take off running with their blogs and make traction. I still sat here with my list in hand and nothing more than that. You have to take that first step, you have to begin somewhere.

I am not afraid so what is my deal?

I am not one who is afraid of what people will say because most of you I probably will never meet and that is okay., and I don’t mind. It won’t be an everyday occurrence that I will run into someone who read my blog. So what is my issue with taking that next step? Who knows. I just know I need to get over whatever it is and take that first step and begin somewhere.

What is something that you have prepared for over a period of time but failed to follow through on?


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Get Your Crap Together

Get Your Crap Together Molly

Man, I need to get my crap together. I know that I have got to get back into a routine to make things happen! It never fails – moms, I know you feel me – that your kids start school and things go well. Then comes Thanksgiving break, things are off for a week, but as soon as you get back, Christmas break hits. Kids home, husband home, everyone is home. No routine as you have to get them all taken care of and fit all your crap into things also. New Year hits, you take a couple weeks to get back into it – Spring break arrives. Crap. Now to really just muster through and get back to routine in about three weeks for school to let out. Crap again. Now to create a whole new routine that caters to kids all the time and work and everything else.

Get it together I tell myself plenty of times.

I honestly am beginning to think that me trying to make everything fit into my schedule is what is creating these issues. God is laughing at me for trying to do it all my way. He is telling me to calm myself, look upward and rely on Him.  I just wish that He could just help me out and maybe put it on my Google calendar, or even pencil it into my Erin Condren planner. It would be great – right?

Too bad, so sad…it doesn’t work like that.

I am going to continue to plan, but I will do it in pencil. I know this will frustrate me a lot, but I know that I can do nothing but say “Yes Lord” and keep moving. Let us not get so uptight about things that we cannot see that there is a divine purpose in it all.

Rest easy friends – I feel you.

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January Is Here…Again.

January is here…again and you are going to need to dip deep to plan for success this year. Crazy, isn’t it? It seems like it was just January 2016. Time flies and I have no clue where it went since I think everyone can agree that it really wasn’t a fantastic one. I can’t say that it was bad, as I know I had some really great time with my husband, kiddos, and friends. I just know that there were some nagging things that hung around and were more of like an annoyance when they decided to pop up. I know it happens and I know it will probably happen again this year. The thing that will change about it, is that I am going to bless it and release it. My dear friend Dana told me that phrase and I really am going to embrace it!

I am taking today to really seek my goals at the core. We all have nice general ideas of what we want…I want to lose 10 pounds….I want to eat better…I want to read more….and those are all great things! I believe when we want to make these things a success, we really need to look at them and find out what it will really take to make them happen and be successful! You need to dig deep. What exercises, days, and time are you going to do such activity? What are you going to cut out and add to you diet? Do you h ave recipes? What books are you going to read? I really think you need to dig deeper than just creating an idea of what you want.

I know for me today will involve a pencil, my planner, and the internet helping me make sure I am fully prepared to take off with a huge possibility of success. I want to really put my best foot forward. Today, my planning day, took a huge step by getting up and getting my husband prepared for work and showering. I think that when you get up and put yourself together you are going to be more successful than if you sit around in PJ’s. Not saying I don’t love hanging out in my PJ’s, I just know that I can start my day off with action.

What are your goals/resolutions/changes, that you want to make this year?   I have a few and I will be revealing them as I go this year. I can’t wait to share this journey with you!

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