It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty. (5)

Fly On The Wall – #1

Fly On The Wall #1 is another one of my  new writing challenges!  This one is for sure to make you chuckle! It is randomness that has happened in my house and I couldn’t help but shake my head about.

Incident #1

I woke up one morning to start the coffee for my husband before work. There is an ice cream container sitting on the counter – melted. I ask my 3 year old about it when she some down the stairs. She says, “It wasn’t me mommy. I am so tired I am going to go to sleep now.”


Incident #2

Parent: What are you doing with long sleeves and pants on outside? It is 90+ degree weather!
3 year old: It is hot outside.
Parent: Yes, yes it is – so why are you wearing items that will make you hotter?
3 year old: Because I want to.


Incident #3

3 year old: I want ice cream
Parent: It is not even 9:00 am, no.
3 year old: But I want it.
Parent: I said no.

10 minutes later….

3 year old: mommy…it’s after 9:00 am. Sissy told me so.

Incident #4

When it comes to closet doors I am kind of crazy about them being shut all the way. I hate that my kids will “shut” them, but not make sure they hear the “click” to close it.

“Mom you told me to close it, and I did.”
“You need to make sure the door ‘clicks’ shut and doesn’t just appear to be shut.”
“Then why didn’t you say that?”

I mean is there really more than one way to consider something shut?

Incident #5

“Hey kids , when you unload the dishwasher can you make sure that when you close the door you hear the ‘click’ of it closing so it doesn’t slam open?”
“Mom – do you think we don’t know how to shut a door?”
“No, I don’t.”
Blank stares…..

Please tell me I am not the only one with this issue…..

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It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty. (5)

Secret Swap – July Prompt

Along with last Friday’s post, Secret Swap – July Prompt, is from the new challenge group I am in! I am so excited that this is starting to give me help with topics and encouragement with writing!

Today’s secret swap prompt was was submitted by Kimberly Yavorski.
The prompt is:
If you could permanently relocate to your favorite vacation spot, would you? Why or why not?

If I could permanently relocate it is a tough one. Alaska or Panama City Beach. Alaska has nice cool summers (no humidity) and I love a long fall. Long sleeves and jeans – yes please! Panama City Beach has the beach. I just am not sure that I could deal with the threat of hurricanes. Now if you would have asked me about staying in Alaska my first year we lived there – I would have said absolutely not, but the place really grew on me! I started to learn to love it! The only major downside is that it is expensive to go and visit people in the lower 48. BUT, being in the lower 48 for over a year now – people still don’t visit that often, and so I kinda wonder if that is a valid excuse anymore.


Beautiful, isn’t it?


I am not regretting my decision of Alaska. That is where I would go. A perfect touristy place in the summer, but home throughout.  I can deal with cold, hot just gets too much sometimes I think. At least for me. You can only take off so much clothing, you can always put on more!

Are you a warm weather person or cold?

Don’t forge to visit the person who provided me my Secret Swap Prompt to see what she was given! Then you can hop from blog to blog reading everyone’s take on what they were given to write about.

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It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty. (5)

Funny Friday #1 2016

I realized that I was missing something lately. You know what it was? Blogging! I like to write and challenge myself in writing creatively, but mainly so it doesn’t clog my brain! I really do enjoy writing, but after so long it seems like I couldn’t come up with anything to really spark my creativity. I decided to do some searching. One way I found was to join a challenge in order to get some creativity going again. Naturally, I found a group on FB and I joined. This group provides monthly challenges and I am now par-taking my first one called “Funny Friday!”

Today’s post is called Funny Friday, a regular post that is done on the last Friday of every month with this group. It is collaborative too! Each month someone provides a picture and all of us have to write 5 captions or thoughts inspired by that picture.

Today’s picture was submitted by Dinosaur Superhero Mommy

Here goes nothing – my first funny friday!

29 - Dinosaur Superhero Mommy - June 2016, funny friday

“I didn’t do it
.” ( My oldest would definitely say this one)

“You won’t believe what you can find under all of this!”

“There was a dog and a cat, but they are gone now.”

I found myself self saying “If you back out slowly and shut the door maybe it will fix itself.”

“Um. What, happened?” is another parental response I might have with a look of disbelief.


You can see what my blogging challenge friends said in their own words about the same image by clicking below on their names! I hope you will take some time to see what they said and show them some love. I know I will be grabbing a cup of coffee and doing it myself!

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Leave in the comments what your caption would be or which one was your favorite!

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