It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty. (5)

To Pray

d42902a7a6136d67e8f719f9d6a4a478I see all the hurt that is out there and I can’t take it. It upsets me, regardless if it should or not. I don’t like that a lot of the pain and suffering is from things that are self-induced or brought on senselessly by other people.

I have tried really hard to think that maybe that person is going through something I don’t know about. That is why they are acting the way they are.  I know that it makes me feel better to walk away when I think of it that way.

I am not perfect. Lord knows that. I am trying to be a better version of myself daily. I have three daughters that look up to me. I also do a lot of things with and for others. I want them to be proud that they are associated with me. I want them to think of me as a positive person who always tried to do what was best. Hurting someone for a quick sense of  gratification is not going to get me that.

Let us all take a moment to really think about how we can be a better person to those around us. I have made up my mind to pray more. I mean to really stop and pray more. When I see people hurting, when I see hate, or whenever I am called to do it. I am not going to say “I’ll pray for you,” and then never do it or remember to do it. I am going to take a moment right then and there to really pray for them. It won’t cost me anything but a minute or two of my time. Time well spent if you ask me.

We can all do it. Something to better ourselves, and those around us. What will you be doing?

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It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty. (5)


Too many emails.

Too many Facebook pages.

Too many Instagram accounts.

Too many.

Enough is enough.

Today I have gone through emails trying to decide how many to unsubscribe from. How many were really necessary. How many I actually cared to read. There was just so much crap. I had so many emails that I had coming in from blogs that I had no interest in (sorry, not sorry).

If there were blogs I really wanted to read – I would just go to their pages.

If there are stores that I like to shop at – I would check to see if there were any sales.

If I really was interested I wouldn’t just delete the email without reading.

So many emails that it was just silly.

I don’t know what my breaking point was. I just can’t handle the excess of everything anymore! I have stuff that I want just because I saw it. I have stuff in closets – IN CLOSETS – and have not used like I said I would. It is disgusting.

Why has is gotten like this? I am tired of it! Enough is enough!

I vow to not want and not get caught up in it all. Do one thing at a time. Enjoy the amazing life I have, with the family I love. And NOT having to document it all on social media. It was done that way before!

I like the idea of blogging again. Because there isn’t a huge expectation for when things should be done. It is my space! I can do what I want and talk about what I want.

I need to be in more control of me without concern of what others are doing. Only my family and I know what is best for us. To me, it is less TV and more books.

What have you had enough of?

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It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty. (5)

Summer Is Coming!

Summer is coming and that is for sure! I know I should focus on Spring, but I am pretty sure here in Alabama we already had that season when most were having winter. I am only bragging a little.

Summer Is Coming!

I am ready for another summer of fun with the girls and a few extra friends! I have things that I want to do and some of them are possibly kicking off this summer!

I want to go camping more. The girls love it and I know that when we play together as a family we are stronger for it. We may get to do that sooner than later, but I still think it will be fun!

I want to visit places! We have friends and family all over – we need to take advantage of this!

Free programs – they are everywhere! The libraries have them, the Chamber of Commerce have them, the YMCA has them, we just have to look for them!

We have plenty of trails and parks to check out and explore – so we need to explore!

I want to try and geocache.

Outside movies are put on by multiple different places, and movies are too dang expensive anymore.

Beach trips – even if they are just for a day.

Lunches with daddy have to happen more often. They have to. We love them and even though he may get irritated when the girls are acting crazy – they always ask to go and love the time.

Cook outs and friends. Always a must.

What are some of the things that you want to be doing this summer?

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