It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty.

Planning for Next Year

Planning for next year has begun in my household. I am actively working on setting goals for my household, my business, and myself. I have things that I want to start putting into a routine with my kids, my husband, my health, my fitness, and my business. I have been so slack on getting things written down so that I could think through the ideas. I find that the more I can think through things and really put actionable items into place, the better I do.

I want to really be more present with my kids and my husband. I want to be intentional about the time that I get to spend with them. That is why this year I am going to do more one-on-one time each of them. I think that relationships thrive so much more when there is devoted time for them.

I want to be able to set a health and fitness goal each quarter and really go for it. I have set many goals this year and they all fell through basically, and I think it is because I failed to plan. I have my first goal set and it is a shorter term goal, which I think should help me. I am pretty excited for this as working towards this goal alone, will help me hit two others along with it.

I want to be able to create a program and sell it successfully. I have already taken the steps of getting a business mentor that will lead me along the path of what works. I will also create a community that allows like-minded people to thrive. I need the push to get things done so that I can really get success in my sights.

I also am ready to help other people not struggle as much as I used to with productivity. I have found that this starts with my morning routine. It may vary from time to time, but for the most part, it is relatively the same. I work through the same basic steps to keep myself on the road to a smooth morning.

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It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty.

5 Things You Need To Know About Sending Cards This Holiday Season

The time is here! The holidays are upon us and so is the tradition of sending cards. Some people are doing it for the first time as a family, or for the tenth time, and I am happy to share with everyone the 5 things you need to know about sending cards this holiday season!

When it comes to cards you first and foremost need to decide if you are going to do a photo card or a card with sentiments only.  It really doesn’t matter which one you choose for tradition – but just know that if you are doing photo cards you will have some added time and expense involved. Photo cards will need time to be taken, printed, and sometimes you just need time deciding which picture to use! I personally love to have them printed at, especially when there is plenty of time and the added expense of express shipping isn’t needed. They have high-quality papers and unique designs that can be altered many different ways.

#1. Send Christmas Cards Early.
Early is better than later so you don’t have the additional worry of the seasonal mail jam.  You want your cards to be received around mid-December so that they can be enjoyed and not forgotten in the hustle and bustle. This means before the second week in December. I try to get mine in the mailbox no later than December 1st so it gets done.

#2 Avoid Digital Cards.
This may seem practical for money purposes and time, but what about the joy of opening a card at the holidays? Many people still love to display their cards on pretty mantle displays, door hangers, and string. Think about how much fun you have seeing them throughout the month. People are very visual, but when that card is also tangible it brings the feeling of the holidays to life.

#3 Always Include Your Return Address.
Never send out a Christmas card unless you have your name and return address listed on the upper-left side of the envelope. This will not only allow the recipient to instantly see who the card is from, but it will also give them the option of sending a thank you card or a Christmas card of their own back to you. You may have  moved since the last known address they had for you! Having your return address on the envelopes will also make it possible for the postman to return any cards that are unable to be delivered to the recipients.

#4 Add A Hand-Written Note
It doesn’t have to be much, but just adding a couple words of happiness can make the card that much more personal. You didn’t just mass send them to everyone without thought, you actually made the time to that specific person know you care. It doesn’t take much to make someone feel special.

#5 Keep Your Message Brief
Most people prefer to receive brief messages on their holiday cards. This works to your busy schedule as well, because it means you can spend a little less time writing on each card. If you do want to send a detailed holiday newsletter along with your card, Tiny Prints offers free back of card designs. I say those are for close family that you care dearly about but may not be able to talk with often.

These are my helpful tips when sending out holiday cards this season. A time honored tradition that can escape the modern electronic twist of making it as fast as possible and sent without thought. This is something that can be done as a family or by yourself, but it will make the person on the receiving end smile. Who doesn’t love mail that isn’t a bill?

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It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty.

5 Things To Have On Hand This Holiday Season

It never fails, we are enjoying summer, school starts, and then BAM! The holiday season is upon us! This means the gifting season has begun. Teachers, neighbors, friends, party hostess gifts, and more. My list of the 5 things to have on hand this holiday season will help you survive that last minute “oh, crap!” sensation that will almost always happen.

#1. A Bottle of Wine

always-have-a-bottle-of-wine-on-hand-2This is a great gift for the holiday parties that will be happening. I realize that not everyone is a wine drinker; however, there are many people that are. I suggest one that is not terribly expensive, as you may want to keep a couple on hand. These are gifts that can easily be consumed at the party so that if the person who is hosting doesn’t like wine, they can just as easily open it for the guests to enjoy.

#2. Gift Bags  & Tissue Paper
Having a few gift bags and tissue paper you picked up from the dollar store, or even ones that you purchased after the holidays last year on clearance, will save you time and money for last minute gifts. There is no reason to fuss over wrapping, and most people are either really good at it or suck. There is no shame in dropping a gift in a bag. Just make sure you add the tissue paper so that it doesn’t look like you really just dropped it in the bag.

#3. Coffee Gift Cards 
Most people I know are living life one cup of coffee at a time. No matter where you are there is most likely a Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, or a local coffee shop that people frequent. Stop by and grab either a few $5 cards or $10 cards. I sometimes even ask if I can get a couple of the cups to put them in (the small ones so it looks cute) when I give them out. It looks just a little fancier than the cardboard envelope they give you. Plus when they pull it out of the gift bag. Try it and I know you will be hooked. These are great for those gifts of people you know you should gift too, but don’t want to spend a fortune one, and it still looks like you put in the effort with the cup!

#4. Gift Mugs
Almost every holiday store has a holiday mug you can pick up. Something festive and possibly with a cute saying on it as well. Grab 5 of them, grab some holiday chocolate, and then put it in some clear wrap.  Done. These are great for teachers of any kind, admin assistants, and those that help you with tasks throughout. I usually grab about 5-6 of these and make them all up in about 15 minutes. Then you are always ready when you need them instead of trying to remember to get back in touch with that person to give it to them. You may even opt to not get a holiday mug, this way they can use it after the holiday season has passed.

#5 Your Favorite Book
always-have-a-bottle-of-wine-on-hand-3It doesn’t matter if it is a personal development, cookbook, or fiction book. Grab a couple of them and pass them out! People need to slow down and read every once in a while. Why not help them out by providing them a great read? This type of gift is very personal and will let the person you gift it to know that you thought enough of them to grab them a copy as well. Again, I typically grab 4-5 of these off of Amazon so that I can get a great deal.

These are my go-to gift ideas and items that I typically have in the house at all times starting at the beginning of November. I hate forgetting people, and I do not like to feel last minute, even when my notice for the event was last-minute. Every person who helps you out in life deserves to be thought about. If budget is tight, don’t forget that the discount stores also carry many of these items for under $5 each. A hand written note also goes a long way.

What are your holiday gift items that you always keep on hand?

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