It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty. (5)

September 2015

ASeptember (1)nother month ticks away at the year 2015. I am pretty happy as this month has already brought cooler weather (well, maybe it did start before today), and I am happy to be able to put on my long sleeves and jeans and actually look like I still belong. These are my favorites things to wear, but when I would wear jeans prior to now, my  husband would give me a look that would imply I was insane. For wearing jeans that is. All other times I can’t really say 😉

I am happy too as this means that the school year has started and we are getting into a regular routine. I missed this. The summer was fun, crazy, and trying at times. I loved it, but I am glad to be back to a routine that allows for quiet, and consistency.  I am a mess when I don’t have that. I myself am still trying to establish my routine again – but I am closer than I was two weeks ago!.

September Goal Call-With a new month also brings new goals. I love to make goals. I am not the best at sticking to them always, but I do love to make them. This month I am pushing to meet my goals for sure!  I also want to encourage you to meet your goals! Setting and then meeting goals is a huge sense of accomplishment I remember feeling when I worked out of the home. I don’t like I have that same sense of accomplishment as I am not with my team anymore. I want to replace that with a feeling of getting something done, and this month I challenge you to do the same!

I have printed off and marked in my planner my running goals for this month. Marked days that I will run certain distances. I am making it a priority to run. I may have to change some things up next week after talking to my hubby a little about it – I hate changing things from the way they are provided to me (even if I just found it on the internet) because I feel like I am not doing what I should. I do understand reasons why I should move some things around – we will see how this goes.

I got a couple books from the library so I have that part taken care of and ready to be met!

I am hopeful to get new team members for my Younique team as it is a perfect time to join this business with their biggest launch yet of new and amazing products!

I would love to acquire new clients this month – even if they are just for blogging working, helping those create their own blogs, or social media strategies – a client is a client in my book, no matter how big or small!.

What are your goals this month-What about you though? What are your goals for this month? Have you even thought about it? You realize, that it doesn’t matter what your goal looks like to someone else’s – they are yours and that is all that matters! So start writing them down and keeping them where you can see them. You can do this and that is what counts!

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It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty. (5)

A New Reason To Mail Something!

Ah, the holiday season is upon us. They are already counting down how many Fridays are left for Christmas shopping and it is still September. Yup – tis the season folks! Last year we had a friend take some amazing family pictures and with the hustle and bustle of the season, I waited too long to get my cards done, used a 1 hour photo, and then never mailed them. Why? I just didn’t really like them in the end.  I felt I wasn’t doing the amazing pictures justice!  The year prior I used an amazing website to order them called Minted and I did it with plenty of time and got them mailed. I loved them!

When I first had heard about the site I was figuring it was going to have similar designs just like every site seems to have. I was sadly mistaken. They had some of the most creative layouts around! The best part, is that most layouts even had different color options! After the holidays I needed some business cards for a new venture I had became part of.  Everyone I knew of was using the same company that advertised lots of cards for a cheap price. Again – everyone I knew had similar looking cards. Or the same card for different types of businesses. Not good for a first impression in my mind.  I found new and exciting layouts, different color options, and my favorite part – TRIPLE think business cards!!  These were my top three:

MIN-8UP-BSC-001_A_PD MIN-91L-BSC-001_C_PD MIN-Y36-BSC-001_A_PD

All of these could be personalized and you could change the colors on them! I love them! I ended up going with the middle one and couldn’t be any happier with my choice! If only I could say with one profession long enough to use them all!

The time is also going to come when we need to move away from Alaska. We have a ton of people that will want our new address when we finally get one. I was searching through the website and found some super cute moving announcements. Again – here are my top there. The one with the trailer full of stuff will most likely be it, because my husband does want to carry some stuff via trailer. Not my idea of a good time, but I could use this cute card! Not to mention the super cute reference to the Disney movie Up!

MIN-58X-MVA-001_B_PD MIN-70X-MVA-001_A_PD MIN-77X-MVA-001_A_PD

Sincerely though, this is not to mention the fact that you can get stationary, kids stationary, and so much more from this website. Quality is top notch, and this is basically the best part, besides that you get to look at the mock up after the designer finishes it! One last check never hurt anyone! I couldn’t be happier with the service I received last time I ordered. I don’t think I will ever order from another site again, not matter what kind of deal they offer. They just can’t beat the quality, style, or personal touch service that Minted offers. If you didn’t have a reason to mail something before – these cards will make you find a reason!

Why don’t you go and check it out and let me know which one you would pick if you were to move!

I was asked to do a review on Minted from them directly. I am getting free merchandise credit in return. This would not change my opinion as I have stated before, I have used their services before and I love it!

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It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty. (5)

Another Trip

That’s right another trip. Nick has another “business trip” this month and this time he is not just in another state like he was for the one about a month ago that lasted a month. This time he is in another country and those always make me nervous. I don’t care how many times your hubby is gone (and Nick has been deployed A LOT), when they leave it makes you anxious until you know they got there safe and sound.  He did make it and I don’t think it was really what he was expecting. I mean he knew it wasn’t going to be glamorous but I think he was at least expecting a shower.

shutterstock_176813414This always bring son kiddos that become hyper sensitive to every little thing, so I try to roll with the punches as much as possible! We eat lots of dinners at the table or camped out on a blanket in the living room while watching a movie. Both older kiddos have new bikes, so lots of riding around the neighborhood happens. I also was just gifted an amazing jogging stroller, so I see more running in our future so that I can get back on track and the kids can get outside and have fun.

Library time will commence. The base library is directly across from my middle kiddo’s pre-k program and she is the last pick-up of the day. We can all just walk over and pick up some new books and movies and then make our merry way home! I like this idea as I don’t have to drive anymore and spend gas money, and we can get new movies without having to pay for them!  I like free these days as it helps take care of entertainment when we are still adjusting to paying for our house in NC since we don’t have new renters yet.

We are going to bake some things this weekend. Why? Why not! We have to think of things to do, and why not do things that I did as kid.  I hope that maybe this will allow the kids to do different things, but still enjoy doing many things. I think there will be a lot of Pinterest in our future…..Maybe even a weekly series about it!


What do you do when one parent is gone? Any helpful ideas on saving some cash during the summer?

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