It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty. (5)

Sometimes You Just Gotta….

Sometimes you just gotta know when you have to look at yourself and say “You have to want it as bad as you want to breath.”

Eric the Hip Hop Preacher said this in a video I watched a while ago. Yesterday I watched a video that audio clips of great statements for motivation and this was in it. It made me stop and think. I always say I want to do something, and I start, hit a wall and stop. I think this happens at least once a month. I actually thought about this same quote again this morning. I had been setting my alarm for 4:00 am and getting up to start my day right. I was trying to not rush my day and give myself a couple extra hours of productive time.  I did it for two days, slept in one, then back at it. This week was 4:30, 5, and other times. I got up this morning, looked at the clock that said 4:40, got discouraged for a moment and then heard the quote in my head.

you have to want it as much as you want to breathIt is my own fault. I got mad at my husband for pointing out that I did it two days, and then made the statement that I “always” get up that early. Okay, so maybe I was trying to make me feel good about those two days that I would continue doing it and he made me feel like I failed already (which I had)….or maybe I just got irritated that he pointed out I really didn’t want it.

I still am thinking it was part both.

It took a couple times of hearing that same phrase for me to really connect with it. I need to sit and think about the goals and ideas I have in my head. Do I r
eally want them? I mean, do I really want them? If so, I have to realize that I am 35 now and I have to make myself accountable to the things I want to do. Everyone has excuses. It is those of us who riseabove and make them happen that will actually succeed.

I want to be one of those people who succeeds.

What about you?

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It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty. (5)

Last Quarter

It is the last quarter of the year. What have I done with this year so far? I have made lots of mistakes, suffered the heartache of a loss, moved to a new state, began to make new friends, approach the start of new business, and so many more things. I can honestly say I don’t feel like I have accomplished much though, just done a lot of talking. I don’t like that feeling either.

This is the last quarter of 2015 and I am going to make it count gosh darn it! I have been wanting to make some successes happen and now is the time. I am somewhat in a groove of life and being happy with where I am, so providing myself some business success is a no brainer.

October2015I want to hit the rank of Blue in Youniuqe, which mean my team hits $4K in sales and I have AT LEAST $250 of that.

I want to have my blog course in PDF format completed.

I want to be running again – like really running. No excuses.

I want to have read 3 books.

I would love to have Christmas shopping half way done!

I don’t think these are major – but I do think they will help me get back in a groove of success. What are you looking at accomplishing in October?


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It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty. (5)

April 2015 Goals

And so another month begins! I know I am a day late with posting this – but I wanted to really make sure I thought about my goals and that they aligned with my family and myself.  I have made some changes lately and it is because I wanted to make sure that I was putting those that mattered first and cut out the stuff that I didn’t need. Sometimes life puts you in a position to really re-evaluate what is important. Not because you didn’t see it before, but because things clouded your view.

I have some exciting things that are coming up in the near future! Vague – I know, but I am soft launching it right now so that I can work out some kinks and make things right.  I have been working on something for someone else for a long time, but I am finally making the jump and creating a company for myself to help me become more independent – not just for myself, but for my family.

Home is the nicest word there is.I am enjoying this bumpy transition into work from home. I have found that I need a little more structure to really make this work. I had read an article that talked about breaking work up. I sent it to my husband and we talked about it later that evening. I told him I didn’t exactly know how to do that and so he gave me some ideas. I took one of the ideas he gave me – which was to time these chucks of time by the laundry. I do a ton of laundry it seems, and so the next day I broke up my morning by when the laundry needed switched to the dryer and folding. I was really productive and was really shocked at the same time. I didn’t know how well it would work, but it did. This week has been spring break and I have been enjoying time with my kids all being home, so productivity isn’t at its highest, but I am sure having a good time.

The hubby and I have done a few projects outside and I will show you in time. We also started running again (last night was the first) as a family and it was so much fun.  I know I am not a fan of being pushed a ton, but I enjoyed that we were doing it together. Together is what matters.

On to the title of this post – April 2015 Goals!

  1. Read two books.
  2. Run 30 miles.
  3. Try 5 of my pins on Pinterest

Not many to do, but I think I need to get back into the swing of things small and slow.  I hope that you have some great goals or plans for this month!


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