It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty. (5)


Today I am cleaning up from a weekend of family, friends, and fun. We enjoyed a non-traditional meal of a crab-boil over the fire, eaten on a newspaper covered table outside. It was fantastic. I enjoyed the weekend minus the sister leaving part. That part always stinks.

Today I will be going out. Last night we watch Daddy’s Home and The Night Before. Both movies had chuckle moments – but not nearly as good as I was hoping. The Night Before was kind of strange in some parts as they were trying to do a whole “Scrooge” type of night without making the three parts (Christmas past, present, and future) obvious. Strange to say the least. Today I will be taking them back to RedBox.daddy's home move, movie night, moviethe last night movie, movie night

Today I will do my normal cleaning of the bathrooms plus an additional vacuum. Our house needs it. Badly.

Today I will do laundry.

Today I will wash our puppy who has some skin issues and needs some extra love and attention.

Today I will relax and not do a whole lot.

Today I will drink coffee and enjoy it completely.

coffee, molly, miss molly

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It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty. (5)

Random Stuff

Random stuff for you here….

Tomorrow is Friday, but today felt more like a Friday to me than a Thursday.

December 9th is coming fast.

December 5th is coming faster.

Trying to plan my next race isn’t as easy as it sounds.

I feel like I could use a coffee right now.

It is 8:12 pm.

Sales goals aren’t going to make themselves.

I love the ability to come up with a campaign that makes a client happy, and is fun to present.

I think I need to go stroll the aisles of an office supply store.

Stationary and pens make me happy.

My kids have tomorrow off, yet I still have to go to work.

I have a chocolate party tomorrow, book party, kids party, and a potential spa party between tomorrow and Saturday.

I am going to be busy.

I am going to miss Alaska.

I admit it.

I can’t wait for the beach.

I can’t wait to sweat.

I think this is all I have for now.

Not much – but it is something.

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It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty. (5)

Core Power Giveaway #poweryourrecovery

So excited that today – my first day back blogging with the new look (still adding so stay tuned!), and I get to give you something amazing!

I get to talk to you about one of the official sponsors of the Sochi Olympics: Core Power Protein.

5 Olympic Bottles

I was so very lucky to be sent an awesome Core Power bag, yoga mat, gym towel with matching water bottle, and a sweet exercise ball. Oh and can I tell you I was also sent three awesome flavors to try? Banana, Vanilla, and Chocolate….Um, yum!

Do you see this amazing nutrition?


Let me tell you that my husband actually took the banana, but told me it was great – and I can tell you first hand that the vanilla and chocolate were awesome. For pre-made protein drinks, these are pretty good. No heavy aftertaste, or that bottled taste that can come with such drinks. Definitely something to grab and go – just perfect for my lifestyle.

No wonder Olympic athletes Jazmine Fenlator and Emily Cook had a great showing in Sochi – they are sponsored and powered by Core Power.  They both had a great showing – including Jazmine who wound up on the medal stand!

Well the great folks at Core Power who provided me an awesome package are going to give the same one away to one of my followers:

image To enter for this amazing prize package you need to do three simple things:

1. Comment below what your favorite part of the prize package would be.

2. Like Core Power on Facebook HERE.

3. Follow Core Power on Twitter HERE.

That simple – winner will be chosen on Friday!

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