January Is Here…Again.

January is here…again and you are going to need to dip deep to plan for success this year. Crazy, isn’t it? It seems like it was just January 2016. Time flies and I have no clue where it went since I think everyone can agree that it really wasn’t a fantastic one. I can’t say that it was bad, as I know I had some really great time with my husband, kiddos, and friends. I just know that there were some nagging things that hung around and were more of like an annoyance when they decided to pop up. I know it happens and I know it will probably happen again this year. The thing that will change about it, is that I am going to bless it and release it. My dear friend Dana told me that phrase and I really am going to embrace it!

I am taking today to really seek my goals at the core. We all have nice general ideas of what we want…I want to lose 10 pounds….I want to eat better…I want to read more….and those are all great things! I believe when we want to make these things a success, we really need to look at them and find out what it will really take to make them happen and be successful! You need to dig deep. What exercises, days, and time are you going to do such activity? What are you going to cut out and add to you diet? Do you h ave recipes? What books are you going to read? I really think you need to dig deeper than just creating an idea of what you want.

I know for me today will involve a pencil, my planner, and the internet helping me make sure I am fully prepared to take off with a huge possibility of success. I want to really put my best foot forward. Today, my planning day, took a huge step by getting up and getting my husband prepared for work and showering. I think that when you get up and put yourself together you are going to be more successful than if you sit around in PJ’s. Not saying I don’t love hanging out in my PJ’s, I just know that I can start my day off with action.

What are your goals/resolutions/changes, that you want to make this year?   I have a few and I will be revealing them as I go this year. I can’t wait to share this journey with you!

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It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty. (5)

Bailey’s Birthday Planning Begins – #1 Smash Cake with Betty Crocker

I know, I know – Bailey is only almost 6 months (next Friday) and yes, I am beginning to plan for her first birthday party. I am so excited to do it since so many new things have started since my last two kids were born.  I want this one to be super fun since she is my last baby.  So we are going to be doing this in phases.

#1 – Baby Smash Cake – with Betty Crocker of course! (This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. I did take the gift card for payment graciously since I am a new mom and Starbucks is my best friend.)

I have looked all over and honestly since I am already tired I hate having to look in a million places. I am a one stop shopper and Betty Crocker made this search end real quick as they have  quite a few samples that you will definitely be able to pick from HERE.

Even better is that they provide instructions on how to do everything so that I can spend my money on diapers and other things instead of a cake. Plus making one yourself makes it so much more special I think!



I mean really – does it get any easier than this?

So after looking at some of their prime examples – I have found the one that I love.  Plus it is simple enough that my older girls (age 4 and 6) can help and it will be a great family experience.  I might even make more than one so that I can do pictures with one and not ruin the surprise of what the actual cake will look like! AND I know where I can find ideas!

I have a feeling that one of the cakes will look very similar to this one:



What do you think?

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