It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty. (5)

Start Your Day The Right Way

Start Your Day The Right Way!You heard it here – start your day the right way. There are so many things that you probably do as a routine each and every morning once you get up.  Yet somehow, you still feel as if you are not getting as much done as you had hope, feel rushed, or just feel like you cannot get it together at all.

After having 3 moves, 3 jobs, 3 different daycare drop-offs in the last 5 years – I can tell you I understand. I had to stop, sit back, and take a look at what was happening and what wasn’t. There comes a time where even your regular routine needs to change.

Change is a scary word, but it is often necessary, especially when things end up putting you in a completely new job, town, or even state. Heck, even when you just continually find yourself angry at what you are not accomplishing during a day.  This is why I have many times sat down and really looked at what I do daily. I have changed routines and quickly thrown out what does not work, and implemented what has. Even though most things work for many, that doesn’t mean it will work for all.

However, in the different places I have found myself and my routine, I know there are certain things that absolutely work. They can also help you. I call them, my “Top 5 Secrets to a Peaceful Morning.”

I am going to share these 5 secrets with those who are on my email list starting December 1st – all the way through the end of the month. You don’t want to miss out on that and many other time-saving tips and tricks for life in general! If you want to make sure you are included in this, just drop your email in the comments below!

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It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty. (5)

Thursday Already?

It is Thursday already? Can I tell you that being back at work has been good and bad. The week is going fast – but sometimes the days still seem long.

The Good:

It is nice to finally have a set, no excuses reason to do things and have a schedule. I like that my kids are back to a normal bedtime with less fussing and we suprisingly are able to do a few things more due to the sunlight outside our windows ALL THE TIME giving us more energy. I honestly feel that getting up in full sun makes you wake up and move faster than the dark dreary winters. I have to shower every morning – don’t ask.  I am getting up and running likeI love to do and fitting it in comes with an early morning sacrifice, but it is totally worth it.  I have been able to get Bailey a little more on a schedule and it is working as well.  I am able to feel somewhat human again with adult interaction.

The Bad:

Bailey is fussy in the afternoons at work and it makes me extremely anxious as I am not wanting to upset anyone around me. Thank God for great co-workers.  I feel like I have not had time to clean my house or bathe my kids like I want to. Yes – I said kids. They have not had a shower/bath since Monday. Sue me. There are times I want to sit and cry in the evenings, and it isn’t from really being all that tired – it is because I am worried about getting it all done. 

There you have it. My good and bad, but at least there is more good than bad! Some people have told me Nick needs to do more. Well, he was in school for a month, which required heavy studying. Yesterday morning he left the house by 4 and wasn’t home until after 11 pm. He works hard and so I try to let him sleep and rest while he can. He has to miss out on things so I feel that when he is home and free he should spend it making memories with the girls isntead of doing laundry or dishes. 

I do think though that this give me even more motivation to find what works and share it with all the other busy moms in the world.  I know we all have to stick together and share so we can all survive.

We got this!

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