It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty. (5)

List 3.20.16

My in-laws just left and I hate that it will be a while until I see them again.

Our internet is awful here. Just say “no” to satellite internet.

My email has so much stinking junk mail. I think I click “unsubscribe” more often than anything.

I had a really great weekend around the house.

Easter is next weekend – crap!

I get to see my niece next weekend and I am super excited.

There are times I feel like I have no clue what I did today, but I know I did something. I have to have done something, right?

My blogging calendar for next month is all done. Who wants to actually right all the content now?

I like taking pictures. I think I need to do more of that.

I want to find a few more virtual runs to complete.

I have all but 1 goal written for next month. I have a weird need to have 5 goals. No more, no less.

I think list posts are my favorite kinds to write.

The following week my kids will be on spring break and I think we are all ready to be not going to school, but doing something fun.

I think that after a year I am starting to figure out this work from home/mom from home thing. I *think*.


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It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty. (5)

Spring Break 2013 Recap

Oh yeah – I had such ideas for how I wanted to spend Spring Break…But this year even though the whole list wasn’t a “success” on paper – it was one of the best weeks I have ever since being here in Alaska. I got to spend some extra time with my girls, some quality time with my husband, and work on some things I really needed to start to focus on.  I loved it through and through. I am going to work you through my list but give you some insight as well!

#1 – Get laundry caught up – I did laundry Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and then again tonight and I am still not caught up. I think it just grows and it will be never ending.

#2 – Clean house – This didn’t go like I wanted, but I would not take back the fun I had in it’s place.

#3 – Eat at Menchies – didn’t happen and I am okay with this. It just seems so far from my house now!

#4 – Watch a movie at the theater – Nick and I couldn’t find a movie that stood out to us so we passed without any problems!

#5 – Wash all Bailey’s clothes – Did not happen due to not having the laundry detergent that I wanted. I ended up getting some Melaleuca in it’s place and will let you know how that goes!

#6 – Decorate Baily’s room – Nope.

#7 – Decorate girls room – Nope.

#8 – Decorate my room – Nope

#9 – Work my challenge group invites – This I did do and still feel like I could have done more, but I will be focusing more on this in the coming week!

#10 – Walk the road just outside of base – Nope.

#11 – Dance lessons for Ryley – didn’t even look once….bad momma here on that one.

#12 – Follow-up with Beacon Marketing – sent email but am still waiting on a response – I am hoping for good stuff with this and another post to elaborate.

#13 – Put out ten calls for Fitness Love – I made my list and what/why I want to approach them with/for – but until the website gets updated I am a little hesitant

#14 – Put out ten call for Miss Molly – made my list – I need to act on this one

#15 – Miss Molly Media research – I did a brainstorm/brain dump on this one and I really need to wait on #12 before I know what more to do

#16 – Fix my blog list – totally didn’t do

#17 – Lunch with a friend – I actually got two lunches in with friends and it was awesome!

#18 – Create a blog love group for each group I am with – Did not do, but still want to accomplish

#19 – How do I start with NASM certification – DONE! Got my book and am ready to start studying!

#20 – Take some new photos of Alaska – DONE! I need to do more of this though!

#21 – Put photos in photo album – I filled one!

#22 – Blog for an entire week – almost 🙂

#23 – Purge toys – I did this on Wednesday and again today!

#24 – Try ten new recipes – Nope.

#25 – Try ten Pinterest projects – Nope.

Now – a lot of things did not get done, like I said when I started this post. I did however, get to have lunch with my husband and some friends, breakfast with the hubby, shopping with the hubby, pick up the kids with the hubby, go baby shopping with the hubby, take my girls sledding, get set up for my personal training certification, and just enjoy myself including some great naps! I wouldn’t have traded last week for the world. I think that is the most time my hubby and I have ever spent together without getting annoyed with each other. I loved it.

I am dreading this entire work week and the remaining weeks until Baby Bailey arrives as I really enjoyed the time I had with my family. It makes you really want to think about how things are going and where you want them to be.  I will be doing a ton of thinking – that is for sure!

I hope you all enjoy time off when you get it!!

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It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty. (5)

The Weekly Chase #11 & #LoveMusic Giveaway Winner

Alrighty – First and Foremost out winner for the $50 Polk Audio #LoveMusic Giveaway is:


Sarah J

I sent you an email so check your inbox!!

The Weekly Chase Badge

Don’t forget this month’s Challenge!

I want you to think of one or two LARGE goals this month that you really want to see happen. I mean really.

Like I really want to get the house cleaned one really good last time before April. I am going to break it down into weekly tasks to make sure I accomplish it.


Onto the Weekly Chase #10 Recap:

#1 (CHALLENGE) – Organize the girls room & playroom – nothing on the floor and everything in a place – DONE!

#2 (CHALLENGE)  –  Vacuum the entire house – DONE!

#3 – Exercise 3 times outside of the house this week – Not done exactly like I wanted. I did get out and get plenty of walking done while shopping for baby items!

#4 – Read and pray 5 times this week – I got this done 3 times

#5 – Work on my Spring Break 25 List – **POST COMING LATER TODAY**

It was a very good week and I can’t wait to share the recap of my Spring Break list…It really was fun and I enjoyed it more than any other week I have had up here in Alaska to date.

Onto the Weekly Chase #11

#1 (CHALLENGE) – Wash all of Bailey’s clothes

#2 (CHALLENGE) – Clean the main level

#3 – Water – Get in at least 64 ounces a day

#4 – Cook dinner each night this week

#5 – Pack my lunch everyday this week

#6 – Some sort of exercise daily

#7 – Read/Pray daily

Not a bad week’s lineup!  What do you have on your plate?

Don’t forget to join us for the #weeklychase on Instagram and Twitter and link up below!

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