It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty. (5)

My 10 Favorite Snacks Growing Up

So growing up I can’t say that I had normal snacks. I mean I really didn’t get too many that were store bought as my mom baked and cooked a lot!  I guess I have a memory that goes with them too! My 10 favorite snacks growing up:mm

  • 10 – Watermelon on the back tailgate of my dad’s truck we called “the blue bomb” at the Traer football field. The Cheerleaders would feed the players for a break.
  • 9 – Rhubarb pie – we had a little hill that it would grow on in Iowa and I swear that anytime I see it now I order it. I love the tang of it. mmmmm
  • 8 – Popcorn made on the stove. My dad made the best.
  • 7 – Microwavable smores – when we lived in Skaneateles my sister and I would devour these things when my mom would get them. One of the best snacks that were short lived – does anyone else remember these?
  • 6 – Hot Fudge Sundae from Doug’s Fish Fry.
  • 5 – Cream corner twist with crunch on the way home from school.
  • 4 – Ice cream brownies my mom would make.
  • 3 – Twinkie cake my mom would make.
  • 2 – Good Humor strawberry cheesecake bars.
  • 1 – M&M ice cream sandwiches.

As you can tell ice cream was a focal point 🙂 What about you?

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It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty. (5)

Holiday Thoughts

Holiday thoughts – are you ready?

So many things are going on – Christmas programs, holiday parties, secret santa exchanges, oh my!

This is fun – I think, but it makes me believe that there is so much more to it. I mean we give gifts to those that have no needs, but lots of wants. Is that really any fun? People who have more than they could ever think of obsessing over what is newer, bigger, better, brighter.

I am kind of tired of it.  What if we all just didn’t buy for those who had no wants but only needs?  What is we all bought for those who had needs and we could provide a bit of comfort with something that is not even thought about to us?

Blessing bags are something I had started to hear more about this year. I had honestly never heard of them before.  A bag filled with things that people could use for everyday things.




This year I am going to get some of these together and have my kids go with me to hand these out at the bus stops. I might even just take a crate and put it on a park bench for people to take.

We are gathering jewelry that has been on clearance and it still good looking and we are taking it to a foundation here in town that supports victims of domestic violence and helps them get back on their feet.

We are going to bake cookies and hand them out to people who are in line for dinner at the food bank.

I am also going to take the good toys my kids don’t play with because they are blessed with too much and provide them to people who don’t have anything. Notice I said the good toys –  I won’t give them crap because that is an awful thing to do.

I also promise that next year, I will grab toys all year long as they are on clearance for those that are in need next year. We will make sure that we will do our part to keep people on our mind – other than ourselves, and Christ in our hearts.

What are your thoughts this Christmas?

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It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty. (5)

Half Marathon Conquered – Next Up – Halloween

I did it – I finished the half marathon that I was dreading. But I did it. My goal was to make it to mile 9 before Nick caught up with me – not to mention I started an hour before him. I made it to mile 10.5 so I was pretty pleased. I ran a lot. I have NEVER run this much in my life in one instance. I did walk some – but less than what I thought I would have to.

This is on the way – my typical picture of Nick driving

photo 1

This moose was like mile 1.5 – I was so worried that I would come across more and not know what to do. Thankfully this was the only one. Nick however got to see a family of them. I would have freaked.  My two bald eagle sightings was pretty cool though.

photo 2

Yeah – I don’t know what Mile this was – maybe 5.5? I sent it to Crystal & Martha to let them know I was still alive.

photo 4

These shoes are what started it all. I won them from a Blog giveaway on EMZ’s blog. Pavement Runner helped encourage the love of watching him always run and loving it. Crystal how makes me believe I can do anything.



And to my loving husband who always signs up for everything I do to make sure I can finish the 1 mile 45 degree incline. He always comes back and runs the last part with me and I don’t know what I would do without him….sometimes… 🙂

Half Marathon Conquered – Next Up – Halloween

We now live on base. That means kids out the wazoo. Or so I have heard. One person went through 8 super sized bags of candy. That is like $80 people! I don’t think I will ever be able to start early enough to afford things anymore!

At least we got costumes figured out! We got Bailey’s at Old Navy and it was 40% off – score!

bailey halloween


Yeah she is going to be cute – that is a given.

Ryley is going to be a princess bride….with glitter and liploss (lipgloss in her words) and eye pretties.

Ryley halloween


Then there is Abby who took the longest to figure it out….she is going to be a dead bride mainly so her dad can pait her face as that was his only request. Here is the costume:

abby halloween



Let me tell you first – Old Navy didn’t have the selection they used to have which made me bummed – but there are more options online. I love their costumes for kids as they are easy to put on and take off and there is no tripping or blind spots.  The Halloween stores that pop up everywhere are way to expensive. They had a Doc McStuffin’s costume that looked like I made it blindfolded for $60 for my 4 year old. Um, No. We walked to Target and they had costumes for less than half and better quality.  They had a fantastic Doc outfit for $15.  Uh – Thank you.  Too bad Ryley changed her mind at the better selection and less crowded aisles. Target saved the day.

Whats up next for you?


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